BGMI Pro Series 2023: Participating Teams, Format, Bonus Point System, Prize Pool and More

A bonus point system will be introduced in this tournament.

  • Krafton announced the BGMI Pro Series 2023 featuring a Rs 1 crore prize pool with 96 teams.
  • The unique format of the event has received a mixed response from the Indian community.
  • The Grand Finals will be held as a LAN event in December 2022.

The BGMI esports scene in India has overflowed with excitement as Krafton INC announced the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series 2023 (BMPS Season 2). This official tournament is set to kick off today, i.e., on November 22, featuring 96 competing teams. This year’s edition comes with a staggering Rs 1 crore prize pool out of which the winner takes home Rs 40 lakhs.

Season 1 of BMPS was held in May 2022 with a Rs 2 Crore prize pool and it was won by Team Soul. They also qualified for the PMWI 2022 World Championship but finished in the eleventh place. This year’s edition prize pool was reduced by Rs 1 crore and will be hosted in two phases: League stage and Grand Finals with the league stage taking place online.

Let us know more about BMPS Season 2.

BGMI Pro Series 2023 Featuring 96 Participating Teams Kicks off on Nov 22

bgmi pro series
Image via Krafton

The 96 teams will be split into 12 groups of eight teams each during the League Stage. The first six groups are considered to be Group Blue while the second six groups are Group Red. Both blue and red groups consisting of six groups each will be playing in a round-robin format for three weeks( i.e. 3 Days each week). It should be noted that groups will be reshuffled every week based on leaderboards.

Considering the overall standings of League Stage (Week 1+Week 2+ Week 3 Standings), the top 16 teams will be qualified for the Grand Finals. Moreover, Krafton introduced a bonus point system alongside the normal point system for weekly matches.

As part of this bonus point system, Teams will receive bonus points based on the performance of Game Week. It means teams will get extra points based on their standings in every week’s leaderboard. The table-topper will receive 25 points extra while the second and third-placed teams will get 20 and 15 extra points respectively.

League Stage Battles will take place on classic maps like Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Miramar, heightening the rivalry and providing unforgettable moments.

Here is the complete list of teams and their groups:

Group 1

  1. Gladiators Esports
  2. Team Megastars
  3. WSB Gaming
  4. Team Great
  5. 4Trouble Maker
  6. Team 7S
  7. DOD Esports
  8. TTE

Group 2

  1. Big Brother Esports
  2. Team Soul
  3. Team Empire
  4. RTG
  5. Midwave
  6. Entity Gaming
  7. Gujarat Tigers
  8. Team OG

Group 3

  1. Team XSpark
  2. Lucknow Giants
  3. THW
  4. Team FFE
  5. ORB Esports
  6. Claw Esports
  7. Hydra Officials
  8. Team V9

Group 4

  1. Team Blind
  2. Titan Esports
  3. Enigma Gaming
  4. Silly
  5. SE4L Esports
  6. FS Esports
  7. Hindustan Gaming
  8. ASG Esports

Group 5

  1. Gods Reign
  2. Autobotz Esports
  3. Bloodrose
  4. Reckoning Esports
  5. RC Esports
  6. 7Shore
  7. Genxfm Esports
  8. Execute Esports

Group 6

  1. Medal Esports
  2. Wind Esports
  3. TMZ
  4. Team BR
  5. Fly Esports
  6. GWL
  7. UK07 Esports
  8. UP50

Group 7

  1. Revenant Esports
  2. Team Insane
  3. Marcos Gaming
  4. Four Horse Men
  5. Hyderabad Hydras
  6. TWOB
  7. MG Esports
  8. Error Esports

Group 8

  1. TWM Gaming
  2. One Official x High Voltage
  3. Numen Gaming
  4. Team OST
  5. Team HUB
  6. Global Esports
  7. United 4 Gods
  8. GodLike Esports

Group 9

  1. OR Esports
  2. 8Bit CS
  3. Nade Esportd
  4. Vintage
  5. Forest APE
  6. TEN
  7. Team EXC
  8. Clue Esports

Group 10

  1. Midwave Esports
  2. Team CK
  3. Live Craft
  4. 7H
  5. G1 Esports
  6. Team A2K
  7. Rippers
  8. Glory Esports

Group 11

  1. Glitchx Esports
  2. 4AM
  3. DE
  4. Genesis
  5. 1Miillion Officials
  6. NON
  7. Hyper
  8. GH

Group 12

  1. Mayur Esports
  2. GS
  3. Burnx Official
  4. Psyche
  5. Team INV
  6. Stellar Titans
  7. Team Mayhem
  8. Down Hill

The sixteen top teams from the League stage will be advanced for the Grand Finals which will take place as a LAN event in December 2023. This will be the last official tournament of BGMI in 2023.

Prize Pool Distribution

  • 1st place: Rs 40 lakhs
  • 2nd place: Rs 20 lakhs
  • 3rd place: Rs 10 lakhs
  • 4th place: Rs 5 lakhs
  • 5th place: Rs 3 lakhs
  • 6th place: Rs 3 lakhs
  • 7th place: Rs 2 lakhs
  • 8th place: Rs 2 lakhs
  • 9th place: Rs 1.5 lakhs
  • 10th place: Rs 1.5 lakhs
  • 11th place: Rs 1.5 lakhs
  • 12th place: Rs 1.5 lakhs
  • 13th place: Rs 1 lakh
  • 14th place: Rs 1 lakh
  • 15th place: Rs 1 lakh
  • 16th place: Rs 1 lakh
  • MVP of the tournament: Rs 3 lakhs
  • Best IGL of the event: Rs 2 lakhs

The tournament will be streamed live on Krafton India Esports channel and Loco streaming platform with the weekly league phase kicking off at 4:30 PM IST.

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