Call of Duty Mobile Next Update Will Let You Play As Rambo, John McLane And Other 80’s Action Heroes

The new Call of Duty Mobile update will roll back the clock with a special update bringing iconic action heroes from ‘80s films to the game.

Call of Duty Mobile 80s Action Heroes

Call of Duty Mobile is set to get a new update on May 20th, which is a bit different from the average regular feature update that the game gets. This time ‘round, the update will seemingly bring to the game two iconic action movie characters from the 1980s – John Rambo and John McClane. The update is pretty much official now, with the Call of Duty handle tweeting out a cryptic but fairly evident tip on the ‘80s Action Heroes event coming to the game.

The ‘80s Action Heroes event on Call of Duty Mobile comes right on the back of the Verdansk 1984 map on Call of Duty: Warzone, which focuses on the nuclear warfare undertone that the 1980s saw simmering across the world. While it isn’t clear if the action heroes’ event will be linked to the map anyhow, reports do state that both Rambo and John McClane will appear in Warzone, CoD Mobile as well as Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. How the characters will add to the overall gameplay or story elements is still under the wraps, but players are likely to gain some special abilities through this event.

John McClane, played famously by Bruce Willis in the iconic Die Hard series, along with Rambo by Sylvester Stallone in the eponymous movie series, were two of the biggest action heroes of their era, and are hailed even today as being two of the most iconic and enduring action movie characters in world cinema. Getting the two characters to feature in the game also mean that Activision may have some elements of both the Die Hard and Rambo movie franchises in the game, during the event. More details, however, will only likely be revealed some time closer to the release of the updates.

As mentioned by the official Call of Duty channel, the ‘80s Action Heroes event will premiere on Call of Duty Mobile, Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War on May 20th. The game has established itself as one of the world’s biggest battle royale titles, ever since its launch well after the PUBG Mobile craze swept across the world. It remains active in India even as the latter was banned, and may now face competition yet again from Battlegrounds Mobile India – the India-specific PUBG Mobile version that opens doors soon.

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