Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Should Not Have Crossplay, is the Resounding Opinion

Do console/PC players mind playing with mobile players?


Activision confirmed recently that Call of Duty Warzone for Mobile is currently in development, which was positive news for COD fans across the board. However, amongst the positivity for a new Call of Duty game for mobile, there were also some concerns regarding whether this could also open up the room for crossplay with mobile.

Typically, multi-platform games have allowed for cross-play between consoles and PC, and very rarely have they also offered cross-play between PC, mobile, and console. Shortly after the announcement, CharlieIntel, a prominent figure in the Call of Duty community sought to seek the temperature of the community regarding crossplay with mobile.

From the looks of it, it appears that the console/PC gaming community at large aren’t exactly enthused at the prospect of mobile players being part of the mix.

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Should Call of Duty Warzone for Mobile Have Cross-Play with PC/Console?

Response to the tweet has largely skewed in the direction of ‘No – Warzone for Mobile should not have cross-play with the main game’. Players have cited various reasons such as hardware on mobile not being nearly as powerful as an average PC or console and that the game simply isn’t the same on the platforms.

Other responses were slightly more sly as many suggested that they would love to have a go at mobile players – suggesting mobile gamers would make for easier lobbies.

It is to be noted that Activision hasn’t officially even hinted at the possibility of cross-play and that this is simply a conversation in the community currently.

Typically, mobile versions of popular PC/Console games tend to make certain concessions in order to accommodate the less powerful hardware on mobile. Due to this, while the core gameplay or ideas from the PC/Console version might remain intact, they are radically different games.

For instance, Apex Legends Mobile tends to follow the same format, structure, characters, and even gameplay elements as the PC/Console version – but there is a ton of differences between the two, still. While the core game remains pretty familiar, the game itself is vastly different and the experience playing it on mobile, even with a controller, is distinct from its PC/Console counterparts.

There is a strong possibility that Activision and their internal studios will choose to follow Apex Legends Mobile’s footsteps and not allow for cross-play between mobile and other platforms.

However, one of the most interesting off-shoots of this exact conversation is cross-play with cloud gaming. Around this same time last year, Ubisoft announced that it was testing out crossplay between PC and cloud gaming platforms. It allows for crossplay with cloud gaming services such as Stadia.

This means that players using Xbox Cloud to play Warzone on their mobile could be able to play Warzone with PC and Console players. However, even then, the version of the game they would be running through the cloud is the same as the one on PC/Console, which Warzone for Mobile will be not.