GTA Vice City Cheats: Full List of All GTA: Vice City Game Cheat Codes for PC, How to Enter

Here is the list of GTA Vice City cheat codes that you can use for making your gameplay more interesting.


GTA Vice City the game which might give you the nostalgia of your child is still one of the most popular titles from the Rockstar Games. The game title was known for its crazy map and cheat codes which can be used to avail an upper hand in the gameplay and while completing missions. There is a list of cheat codes that you can apply to access sports cars, motorcycles, get rid of the police, increase your health, and a lot more among others.

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GTA Vice City is still one heck of a game and gaming enthusiasts are still mad about the graphics and gameplay. If you’re also one of them and search for a list of GTA Vice City cheat codes then you’re at the right place because we have garnered a list of cheat codes that will help you in the gameplay with an extra advantage.

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How to Enter Cheat Codes for GTA Vice City on PC

To take the advantage of the cheat codes you need to follow the given below steps.

  • First, make sure you have saved the game before starting to use the cheat codes.
  • Now you can try any cheap code from the list of cheat codes given below.
  • To activate the cheat code you need to type the cheat while playing, without pausing the game.
  • Once you are done you can see a small pop-up indicating cheat activation. Reap the same process if you didn’t see the pop-up

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GTA Vice City List of Cheat Codes for PC

Here’s the list of GTA Vice City cheat codes

  • THUGSTOOLS ~ Weapon set #1
  • PROFESSIONALTOOLS ~ Weapon set #2
  • NUTTERTOOLS ~ Weapon set #3
  • ASPIRINE ~ Restore health
  • PRECIOUSPROTECTION ~ Gain/restore armor
  • YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE ~ Increase Wanted Level
  • LEAVEMEALONE ~ Decrease Wanted Level
  • FANNYMAGNET ~ Female actors follow player
  • CERTAINDEATH ~ Tommy smokes a cigarette
  • DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS ~ Player model changed to fat
  • PROGRAMMER ~ Player model changed to skinny
  • STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP ~ Player model changed randomly
  • CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED ~ Player model is Ricardo Diaz
  • LOOKLIKELANCE ~ Player model is Lance Vance
  • MYSONISALAWYER ~ Player model is Ken Rosenberg
  • LOOKLIKEHILARY ~ Player model is Hilary King
  • ROCKANDROLLMAN ~ Player model is Love Fist rocker #1
  • WELOVEOURDICK ~ Player model is Love Fist rocker #2
  • ONEARMEDBANDIT ~ Player model is Phil Cassidy
  • IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY ~ Player model is Sonny Forelli
  • FOXYLITTLETHING ~ Player model is Mercedes
  • PANZER ~ Spawns a Rhino Tank
  • TRAVELINSTYLE ~ Spawns a Bloodring Banger
  • GETTHEREQUICKLY ~ Spawns a Bloodring Banger (alternate)
  • GETTHEREFAST ~ Spawns a Sabre Turbo
  • GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED ~ Spawns a Hotring Racer
  • GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST ~ Spawns a Hotring Racer (alternate)
  • THELASTRIDE ~ Spawns a Romero’s Hearse
  • ROCKANDROLLCAR ~ Spawns a Love Fist Stretch/Limo
  • RUBBISHCAR ~ Spawns a Trashmaster
  • BETTERTHANWALKING ~ Spawns a Golf Caddie
  • BIGBANG ~ Explodes nearby cars
  • MIAMITRAFFIC ~ Aggressive AI driving on
  • AHAIRDRESSERSCAR ~ All cars become pink
  • IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK ~ All cars become black
  • COMEFLYWITHME ~ Flying cars cheat
  • GRIPISEVERYTHING ~ Vehicle handling improved
  • GREENLIGHT ~ All traffic signals green
  • SEAWAYS ~ Cars hover over water
  • WHEELSAREALLINEED ~ Only car wheels visible
  • LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS ~ Some cars have big wheels
  • HOPINGIRL ~ Actors get into player’s current car
  • ALOVELYDAY ~ Weather sunny
  • APLEASANTDAY ~ Weather overcast
  • ABITDRIEG ~ Weather very overcast
  • CANTSEEATHING ~ Weather foggy
  • CATSANDDOGS ~ Weather stormy
  • LIFEISPASSINGMEBY ~ Time compression (speeds up game time)
  • ONSPEED ~ Time compression (alternate)
  • BOOOOOORING ~ Time expansion
  • CHASESTAT ~ Shows Media Level
  • FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT ~ Actors all attack (riot cheat)
  • NOBODYLIKESME ~ Actors attack player
  • CHICKSWITHGUNS ~ Female actors armed
  • CHASESTAT ~ Show media level (when 2+ stars)

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Can You Enter Cheat Codes for GTA Vice City on Android or iOS?

Sadly there is no direct way to enter cheat codes for Android and iOS versions of the game. But there is a catch, you need to download an app from Google Play Store called Hacker’s Keyboard and use it while playing the game. Here’s how you can use it.

  • First, you need to download Hacker’s Keyboard on your smartphone.
  • Then you have to enable permanent notification from the App settings.
  • Now launch the game on your smartphone.
  • During the gameplay, you can enable the keyboard and enter the cheat as per your requirement.

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