CES 2022: Samsung Flex S, Flex G, Flex Note, and Flex Slidable Showcased


Samsung is among the smartphone companies out there that is experimenting a lot with displays. The company’s display division has been showcasing various foldable versions through concepts and prototypes. At CES 2022, the South Korean tech giant showcased four different forms of foldable technologies. Among the new “Flex” displays showcased at the CES 2022 event is the Flex S. It essentially is a tri-folding display that offers more screen estate upon unfolding. The company also showcased a slidable display concept at the CES 2022, which it calls the Flex Slidable. Let’s take a look at the Samsung Flex displays showcased at CES 2022.

Samsung Flex Displays at CES 2022

Samsung showcased four different forms of displays at the ongoing CES 2022. The Flex S is a tri-folding display and looks like an upgrade over the current bi-folding panels. Samsung calls its Flex S as the foldable device forms an “S” shape when you fold it in or out. It allows the user to use a separate display for different tasks and also like a smartphone, tablet or an AI device.

The Flex G, on the other hand, is a multi-foldable device that folds inwards twice in a G shape. The two sides of the device fold inwards and the rest of the central part of the product. Samsung claims that the G-shaped screen is more durable as the screen is protected from external scratches or impact.

The Flex Slidable is somewhat similar to Oppo’s Find X 2021 concept with a different mechanism. The company says that the Slidable display extends with a press of a button. It offers multiple use cases, including one to use the display as a sidecar for accessing apps.

Lastly, the Flex Note is Samsung’s take on foldable displays for laptops and notebooks. Take it as a larger version of the Galaxy Fold’s display mechanism that folds vertically. The display’s bottom half can be used as an on-screen keyboard or for any other use case depending on the task at hand.

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