ChatGPT Voice Chat Now Available for Free Users on Android and iOS App

ChatGPT continues to release new features despite the chaos at OpenAI

  • ChatGPT has started rolling out voice chats to its free users.
  • It allows users to have real-time voice conversations with AI, similar to the Google Assistant.
  • Users can choose between five different voice models to receive responses.

Since its public release from a year ago, ChatGPT has taken the world by surprise unleashing the potential of artificial intelligence to the general public. While OpenAI has been trending recently for the wrong reasons after firing its CEO Sam Altman, its flagship product ChatGPT has continued to roll out new features to its users.

ChatGPT has now released voice chat support to its free users. This feature was earlier available only to the paid users of the service. Free users of ChatGPT can now directly talk to an AI assistant and have real-time conversations.

ChatGPT Rolls Out Voice Chat for Free Users

The latest update of ChatGPT has introduced voice chat to free users. The feature is available on the official ChatGPT App for Android and iOS. It allows users to have one-on-one voice conversations with an AI bot, similar to a phone call.

To use this feature, users will have to tap on the headphone icon in the ChatGPT app. You can choose between five different voices in which the app responds to you. Once you select the voice, ChatGPT will start conversing with you like a real human.

When we tested the voice chat feature of ChatGPT, we found it to be very realistic as the voice response from the app sounds as if you are actually talking to a real person. Compared to Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri, the tone and voice modulations by ChatGPT feel superior and more true-to-life.

Once you complete the conversation, you can end the voice chat after which the user can continue to use the normal chat version of ChatGPT. it is worth noting that voice chats are only available on the Android and iOS apps, and is currently not available on the website.

Voice chats were initially introduced by ChatGPT in September 2023. However, it was only available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers back then. Hence, it a good news for free users as OpenAI has removed the paywall to access the feature.

chatgpt voice chat
Voice Options in ChatGPT

However, users may face some disruptions in accessing this feature, as OpenAI is currently going through a massive internal problem. Over 90% of OpenAI employees have threatened to resign from the company as it recently fired its founder and CEO Sam Altman.

Multiple discussions have been happening since then to save the world’s leading AI company. Things have escalated to the level where Microsoft had to get involved in the matter. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that they have hired Sam Altman, and are also offering jobs to all OpenAI employees looking to quit the company.

In the latest turn of events, the OpenAI board has agreed to bring back Sam Altman as the CEO. The company has set a new board initially and will disclose details later. Altman also officially confirmed this change, and will join back OpenAI along with his partner Greg Brockman and all other employees.