OpenAI’s Sora is Cool, But Mute; ElevenLabs’ AI Sound Generator Wants to Fix That

  • ElevenLabs is working on an AI sound generator.
  • The tool can create real-world sound effects.

ElevenLabs has showcased a new tool that can generate sound using AI using just text prompts. While we have already seen several AI media generators, most of them revolve around images and videos. ElevenLabs is one of the first companies to develop an AI sound generator, as Google’s VideoPoet is still in the works.

In its latest post on X (formerly Twitter), ElevenLabs has posted a short video sample with AI-generated sound. Interestingly, the company used videos that were made by OpenAI’s Sora which was announced recently. While Sora can create realistic videos, it cannot generate sound, at least for now.

ElevenLabs says that its tool can generate any sound effect by providing a short and relevant description. In their video sample, the company has demonstrated how the tool has created audio for scenarios like a moving jeep, a crowded public place, voiceovers, and more.

While the tool is not available to the public yet, ElevenLabs has invited users to its waitlist. However, an exact date for the release has not been disclosed.

To understand the background of this concept, ElevenLabs is one of the most popular and reliable services for text-to-speech generation. The company is known for its contextually aware AI audio, which sounds very realistic.

Google Could Soon Catch Up in AI Sound Generation

Google is also working on its AI video generator called VideoPoet. The company announced this tool a few weeks back, just before the commercial release of the Gemini Advanced chatbot. Google mentioned that VideoPoet can also generate sound, based on the the context of the video.

google videopoet

AI multimedia generation has taken huge leaps over the last nine months. OpenAI’s announcement of Sora has also left the technology industry in awe of the potential of AI in content creation. AI is also said to bring several upgrades in CGI, which is expected to bring the next big change in the movie and entertainment industry.