[Explained] Samsung Galaxy AI Can Translate Your Calls: What is it And How it Works

Samsung is bringing its new AI features to Galaxy phones early next year and here's what some of the tools offer.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is everyone’s focus these days and OpenAI has shown its potential with ChatGPT. But now the competition is going to get fiercer with brands like Google, Amazon and even Samsung entering the fray. 

The company has shown the world that it is not happy staying out of the AI race and showcased new AI features that Galaxy smartphone users can expect to receive shortly. One of the best ways of using AI on smartphones from Samsung will be the power to translate phone calls that too in real-time when you are speaking to the person. 

Samsung claims Galaxy AI is universal intelligence on your phone as you’ve never seen it before, and matching these tall claims will be a challenge especially if it wants to democratise the technology and eventually make it a product for the industry to consider offering in the future. 

So what is this AI live translation for calls, how is Samsung using AI to make this happen and which phones will get support for the feature? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this piece. 

Samsung Galaxy AI Live Translate – What is it and how it work

Samsung says Galaxy AI is an AI experience for mobile devices that is powered by on-device AI as well as Samsung’s cloud-based AI solutions. AI Live Translate Call will be offered through Samsung’s native phone call app on its smartphones. Samsung points out that with this feature Galaxy phone users can have a personal translator at any time they need. 

Having the feature built into the main app means it doesn’t need to tackle the issue of third-party apps which can always be a challenge. Because the AI processes the translation on-device, it is clear that the company is taking care of the privacy of the data by keeping it on the device.

Samsung says that you will get audio and text translations in real time on the phone’s screen making it as easy as watching your favourite TV shows with subtitles on the phone. Samsung assures that by having the AI run on-device the private conversations between you and your friends will never leave your phone. 

There is no doubt that the feature does sound exciting and the details shared by the company suggest it has taken care of the privacy aspect of AI by keeping all the data on-device. However, Samsung’s track record with these kinds of features is a mixed bag and the first thing that comes to your mind is Bixby, the AI voice assistant which was supposed to compete with Google’s Assistant, Alexa and Siri. 

So how does Samsung plan to change its image in the AI frontier with features like the AI Translate Call? The company claims it has been working on AI for the past few years and is now ready to unleash the new tools for smartphone users, something that Google did with the Pixel 8 series earlier this year. 

When is Samsung AI Translate Call coming to Galaxy phones?

Now that we know what this AI feature promises to Galaxy phone users, here’s the bigger question that you might want to know. When does the AI translate call tool come to the users and which phones from Samsung will be offering it? 

Samsung says Galaxy AI tools are coming to Galaxy smartphones early next year, which likely coincides with the rumoured launch of the Galaxy S24 series. 

So, it is assumed that the new Galaxy phones will be the first in the lineup to get the AI Translate Call as the phones are expected to use the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 AI chip from Qualcomm, which makes these devices ideal for running these AI features. 

Google has already shown us the virtue of keeping select AI features exclusive to the new Pixels every year and Samsung could be looking to follow that path. However, the South Korean giant could and should look to bring these features even if the hardware might not be fully capable of running these applications.