Here’s How To Fix Common Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Launch Day Issues

Microsoft has released an online resource to help new buyers sort out the issues with their Xbox Series consoles


Whenever a new generation product drops, it is bound to have its fair share of issues. Especially when the generational gap is as huge as it is with gaming consoles. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launched yesterday, and they have been running into a few issues since then.

To help out new buyers, Microsoft has put together an online resource with the list of common Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S issues and possible solutions to them. If you’re experiencing any issues with your brand new Xbox Series console, here are the most common issues, and how you can go about fixing them.

1. 4K/120hz and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)

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Issue: If you are using a 4K@120Hz TV that also supports VRR you might encounter no signal or corrupted image when the Xbox is configured for 4K120+VRR.


Update to the latest firmware on your TV:
For LG TVs
For Samsung TVs
For Vizio TVs

If the issue still persists:

Change VRR configuration by going to Setting> General> TV & display options> Video Modes> check the box for Allow variable refresh rate for 4K/60 with VRR, or uncheck the box for 4K/120 with no VRR. You can also change the resolution under “Display” in TV & Display options, and repeat the steps for 1080p/120hz VRR or 1440p/120hz modes.

If you are experiencing a corrupted image:

Restart your console and configure your video modes to one of the listed options above.

If you’re still experiencing a corrupted image after a restart, disable VRR on the TV.

If the issue still persists after steps 1 and 2, perform the video mode reset sequence. To do this, follow the steps on this page here under “Your screen is blank after you turn on the console > Reset your display settings”.

2. Game Clips and Game Captures

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Issues: Trimming 4K videos on an Xbox Series X might result in a “trim failed” error.

Uploading 4K videos to Xbox Live from an Xbox Series X might result in an error or a blank screen.

Sharing 4K videos to Twitter from an Xbox Series X might result in a and error or a black screen.

Workaround: There is no known workaround at this time for 4K but Xbox promises they will address it in the November console OS update.

Until that update, you can switch to 1080p by going to Settings > Preferences > Capture & share > Game clip resolution > 1080p.

Issue: Some users will see HDR captures appearing too dark when captured on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

Workaround: There is no known workaround but Xbox promises they will provide a fix in a future console update.

3. Apps — EA Play, BBC iPlayer, and PeacockTV

Xbox Series X S Apps

Issue: The EA Play app and BBC iPlayer apps will not launch or install on an Xbox Series X|S device.

Workaround: There is no workaround at this time but Xbox promises they’re working with their app partners to find potential resolutions for the future. For now, the app will only work on an Xbox One consoles.

If you are looking for ways to claim your 10-Hour trials for popular games like FIFA 21 or Madden 21 on an Xbox Series X|S device, you can find them in the Store. To do this, go to Store and search for your game. Select the game desired from the search results and click on the “Free Trial with EA Play” button on the game description page.

If you are looking to play full games included with your EA Play subscription, you can access them in My Games & Apps > Full Library > EA Play.

Issue: Some users will experience occasional pixelated frames while using the PeacockTV app on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

Workaround: There is no known workaround at this time but the proper teams are working on a fix to be included in a future update.

4. DVD & Blu-ray Playback, Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility, Remote Play on Windows 10, and Quick Resume

Xbox Series X S Quick Resume

Issue: Some users may insert a DVD or Blu-ray into their console and encounter a black screen.

Workaround: If you are experiencing this, simply remove the disc from the console, restart the console, and then re-insert the disc into the console to watch your disc.

Issue: Some users experiencing issues launching Xbox 360 games returning them back to the Home section of the dashboard on Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Workaround: If you are experiencing this issue you will to clear your Xbox 360 storage by going to Settings > System > Storage > Clear local Xbox 360 storage.

Issue: Console streaming to a Windows 10 device from an Xbox Series X|S will not work through the Xbox Console Companion app.

Workaround: This feature is only supported through Xbox One consoles. You can currently stream from an Xbox Series X|S console to an Android or iOS device via the Xbox app. Xbox gives no concrete information on support for additional platforms like PC. However, it says stay tuned to the official Xbox news blog.

Quick Resume is fully operational with thousands of titles. However, Xbox acknowledges that a select number of Optimized titles may be experiencing issues with this feature. They’ve disabled the feature for these titles, and are working on a fix.

Stay tuned to us for more on Xbox Series X and S issues, fixes, and other updates.