BGMI 3.1 Update Out: Skyhigh Spectacle Theme And WOW Mode; Mumbai Indians And Bentley Collab

  • The BGMI 3.1 update brings the “Skyhigh Spectacle” mode, inspired by “One Thousand and One Nights,” which features magic carpets, treasure hunts, and a dance grenade.
  • BGMI also introduces WOW Mode with unique maps like Dinosaur vs Motorbikes and Hide & Seek.

Earlier today, Krafton rolled out the BGMI 3.1 update, which is now available to download for Android and iOS users. The new update has introduced a new mode titled Skyhigh Spectacle, inspired by Arabic culture. This new theme will be available to play across three maps: Erangel, Miramar, and Livik.

The BGMI community has been waiting for this update since it was released on PUBG Mobile on March 12. Earlier this month, the game announced its collaboration with the IPL franchise team, Mumbai Indians. The collaboration will bring in the franchise-themed cosmetics to the game. Here is a rundown of what’s newly introduced in the BGMI 3.1 update.

BGMI 3.1 Update

Skyhigh Spectacle-Themed Mode

BGMI new mode
Image via BGMI YT channel

BGMI releases a new themed mode, “Skyhigh Spectacle,” inspired by “One Thousand and One Nights.” Players will explore a whimsical landscape, conquer challenges, and participate in treasure hunts.

  • Sky Castle: This location offers two versions: day and night. Each has unique challenges and rewards. It is a major hotdrop. Players should be ready for intense fights in the castle. The day location is suitable for fighting firehouses, while the latter is suitable for stealth mode.
  • Dance Grenade & Teleportal: A new grenade forces enemies to dance for a period, while the Teleportal allows players to teleport around the map.
  • Magic Carpet: This special item lets players fly around the map with unique ground and air movement abilities.
  • Sindbad’s Treasure Ship: Players can explore Erangel on a seafaring ship, adding a naval experience to the game.
  • Divine Power Throwing: This feature allows players to use the power of the lamp genie to unleash powerful attacks.

BGMI Royale Pass A5: Radiant Bloom

This is the latest season’s Royale Pass, offering double the usual rewards and exclusive cosmetic items. Players can unlock these rewards to customize their characters and stand out.

Collaboration with Bentley

bgmi 3.1 update
Image via in-game

In the new update, BGMI is collaborating with luxurious car manufacturer Bentley. The collaboration will bring 3 Bentley model cars to BGMI, and there are currently 9 different versions of those models in the game.

BGMI WOW Mode – Now available in Beta Mode

bgmi 3.1 update
Image via BGMI YT channel

This new game mode offers a variety of unique and entertaining maps, including:

  • Dinosaur vs Motorbikes: This map likely features a scenario where players on motorbikes race or battle dinosaurs.
  • Trap Park: This map is full of traps, testing players’ awareness and reflexes.
  • Hide & Seek: This classic game mode is introduced to BGMI within the WOW Mode.

Here is the BGMI 3.1 Update podcast, revealing the new cosmetics and features coming to the game:

Krafton has also upgraded BGMI compatibility for Mobile devices, and some players may require mobile upgrades to play BGMI.

You can download the update from here

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