Enigma Gaming Wins TEC Challenger Series 8 and Received Rs 7.5 Lakhs Prize Money


Indian Valorant Esports ecosystem is reaching new heights each day with a multitude of events taking place each month. On Sunday, TEC Challengers Series 8 has finally come to an end, with Enigma Gaming emerging as the Champions of the LAN Main event. On Day 3 of the esteemed Valorant LAN tournament, there were two finals, one for the lower bracket and one to determine the overall winner.

The Esports Club Challenger Series is presented by AMD Ryzen and Windows 11 and is powered by Crucial. The tournament featured all of the nation’s highest powerhouses and pit them against each other for a Grand Prize pool of Rs 15 lakhs. The championship included two separate qualifiers, with the top two teams from each qualifier progressing to the Group Stages!

The winner of the TEC Challenger Series 8, Enigma Gaming took home the championship trophy and prize money of Rs 7.5 Lakhs. Velocity Gaming, the runner-ups bagged Rs 4 lakhs while Orangutan Gaming, placing third took home Rs 2.5 Lakhs.

Enigma Gaming Beat Velocity Gaming in TEC Challenger Series 8 Grand Finals to Claim the Championship

A set of four teams have qualified for the Playoffs from the Group phase. The Playoffs have taken place as a LAN Line event in Banglore from 12-14 August. Following are the teams that have qualified for the Playoffs from the Group Stage:

  • Revenant Esports
  • Enigma Gaming
  • Orangutan Gaming
  • Velocity Gaming

The LAN event of playoffs included a double-elimination bracket and all matches have been hosted in Best-of-3 format, except the Grand Finals. During the upper bracket semi-finals, Orangutan beat Enigma Gaming with a 2-1 scoreline and made it to the Upper Bracket Final while Velocity Gaming beat Revenant Esports to pit against Orangutan in the UB finals.

Then Enigma Gaming and Revenant Esports were placed against each other in Lower-Bracket Semi-finals in which Enigma won with a 2-1 scoreline. Velocity Gaming beat Orangutan Gaming and qualified for the Grand Finals due to which Orangutan was pit against Enigma in the LB finals.

Orangutan was eliminated in the Lower Finals by Enigma Gaming, opening the way for the latter to advance to the Grand Finals against Velocity Gaming. In the Grand Finals, Enigma Gaming beat Velocity Gaming with a 3-1 scoreline in a Best-of-5 match.

Akram Virani, popularly known as Rawfiul from Enigma Gaming received the MVP title for the event and was rewarded with Rs 1 lakh prize money. Sabyasachi Bose, aka Antidote, in the post-match interview, stated,” I don’t have words, but we could not finish on top in the past couple of LANs. This tournament is a story itself, coming and losing – Lower bracket run to one map down in the Grand Finals. I really have an amazing team and I am super lucky as an IGL and I really love the people of Banglore.” He also mentioned that the championship they had won is for Sandip Singh, popularly known as Jaguar, a CSGO pro who recently passed away.