PS5 could be the last gaming console from Sony, but there’s a good news for gamers

Sony planning to enter the online gaming market.


Sony the company behind one of the most popular gaming consoles is all set to launch the PS5 next month in November, but the company has also reportedly accepted that the PS5 is going to be the last console from the company. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan told Financial Times that Sony PS5 could be the last gaming console from the company.

This could be a bold step by the company to entirely stop the gaming console business, it seems that the company is planning to shift its focus from console gaming to online gaming. This could be a good time to enter the online gaming business as the pandemic become the big reason for the boom in the gaming industry across the world. According to Newzoo analysts, the gaming console market is expected to be worth $45billion and the demand for online gaming is witnessing a surge.

According to the report, if PS5 becomes the last console by the company then it would have time to focus on online gaming services. It seems Sony is planning to enter the online gaming market look at the potential in the sector. Also if Sony is coming up with its online game services then it would be a big take on a player like Google Stadia and Amazon Luna.

Kota Ezawa, a Citigroup analyst, said “games will likely be played entirely online for PS6,” predicting a switch to online gaming. According to reports, it is quite significant that Sony is going to take its sweet time to build a new console as we can see that there is almost four years gap in the launch of its next-gen console.

New consoles required an ample amount of research and development, it has to be better than the previous one and to make it powerful companies equipped them with best in class specifications. If Sony is planning to enter the online gaming market then don’t expect anything sooner.

However, at this moment Sony is still unclear if it will choose the path of online gaming or stick to the traditional gaming console business. It would be too early to jump to any conclusion, we ensure you to bring the latest update on this as soon as we notice anything new.