Sony’s New Updated PS5 Console Features a 6nm AMD Oberon Plus SoC, Produces Lower Temperature and Consumes Less Power

These new models are effectively lighter and run cooler than the launch models as well.


There might not yet be a complete console refresh from PlayStation just yet, but over time, SIE has been introducing newer models of the PS5. The most recent one, the CFI-1202 was spotted in Australia, and upon first inspection, the console proved to weigh much less than the launch console models.

Popular Youtuber Austin Evans recently did a teardown video of the new CFI-1202, and in addition to the lighter weight, it was also revealed that the new console variants run cooler and are more power-efficient than their launch counterparts. It was also reported that the PlayStation CFI-1202 comes with an enhanced AMD Ober SOC, known as the Oberon Plus, which uses the TSMC N6 process.

Effectively, this makes the console run much cooler, and the smaller heatsink allows the console to also be considerably lighter than the launch CFI-1000 models.

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Is it About Time for A Complete Console Refresh for the PS5?

Typically, SIE has done a console refresh into the 3rd year in the console’s life cycle, and we are currently at the 2-year mark. This pattern would suggest that we may get to see a PS5 Slim/Pro sometime next year. While rumours have been making the rounds of the internet regarding a complete console refresh, Sony is yet to make an official statement confirming the PS5 Pro/Slim.

It will be interesting to see how Sony handles a console refresh as the supply chain hasn’t yet fully recovered to meet the ever-growing demand for the new consoles. The PlayStation 5, despite the said issues, has sold incredibly well and has grown to become one of Sony’s fastest-selling consoles.

The introduction of PlayStation Plus’ new tiers is sure to have bolstered the appeal of the console as players can now pay for a subscription that gives them access to a large library of beloved games such as God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more.