Squid Royale Arrives in Silly World: “Red Light, Green Light” Available in Early Access

Squid Royale arrives in early access to Silly World.


Pune-based studio SuperGaming recnetly announced, to much fanfare, Silly World’s newest limited-time game mode- Squid Royale, and the pre-registration numbers suggest that the mode is gearing up for a big launch. Squid Royale, as one might be able to gather, is based on the Netflix show that took over the world this year – Squid Game.

SuperGaming has confirmed recently that the newest mode has managed to hit over 700,000 pre-registrations, which is positively massive. Squid Royale will be available in Silly World in early access from November 16, 2021 and players will have to jump through some hoops to finally be able to play the game mode. Following these steps will give players access to “Red Light, Green Light” in Silly World:

  1. Play 10 games of Silly World
  2. Add 5 Friends
  3. Achieve 1200 IQ
  4. Share the game on Instagram

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Squid Game-Inspired Squid Royale now available in Silly World

“Red Light, Green Light” will be the first of many planned games to arrive as part of Squid Royale in Silly World, as SuperGaming has confirmed that there is plenty more to come afterwards. Crossing 700,000 pre-registrations is surely signs that there is indeed a huge demand for Squid Game-inspired game modes, and it looks like a large number of players will be flocking to Silly World for all their Squid Game goodness.

“Squid Royale is poised to be the most popular mode added to Silly World, clocking in over 700,000 pre-registrations in the first week,” says Christelle D’cruz, co-founder and General Manager, Silly World. “We’re humbled and grateful for the response from our fans for the mode and hope they have as much fun playing it as we had making it.”

Silly World Squid Royale

“Red Light, Green Light” as players might remember from the show, was the first game played by the participants, and the objective was to simply cross the designated line before the timer elapses. The challenge is that players can only move during “Green Light”, and should they be found moving during “Red Light”, they would meet a rather unceremonious end to their game. Playing Red Light, Green Light in early access rewards players with 1,000 in-game gold as well as some fancy exclusive skins such as Old Man Nam, Frontman, and more. The game is available on both Android (Google Play Store link) as well as for iOS (App Store).