GeoGuessr is Battle Royale For Geography Nerds And It’s All the Rage These Days: Here’s How to Play With Your Friends

GeoGuessr lets you visit iconic cities around the world and play out challenges to answer where you are and beat your friends.


With Battlegrounds Mobile India set to make a return to India, the impact that PUBG Mobile had on gaming with its innovative battle royale format has really come to the fore. However, not all battle royale gameplay styles are restricted to combats and weapons. Taking cues from this format, as well as a wee bit of inspiration from the once virally popular Pokemon Go and its augmented reality layout, this quiet little game, GeoGuessr, has slowly inched its way to popularity in recent times. The game is essentially an augmented reality and battle royale game for those who fancy themselves to be champions at geography, and now, it also has a way for players to enjoy it with everyone around.

What is GeoGuessr

The GeoGuessr game initially requires you to set up a free account in it, following which you will get limited access to the augmented world. If you are already convinced of the game and wish to access the full version, you can choose to pay $3 (approx. Rs 220) per month and get access to all the game modes. With pro mode, players can get unlimited playing time in modes such as Explorer, Streaks and The Daily Challenge. Players will also require access to pro mode to be able to play Battle Royale in GeoGuessr.

How to play each mode

The different modes in GeoGuessr include a wide variety of challenges, and are divided in terms of both countries and cities. They include challenges that will let you play with your friends, as well as against them. Here's how each work.

  • Battle Royale: Under this mode, players can create a group of friends to play against each other, or alternatively, play as a solo entrant against other strangers. In this mode, players will land in a location, and be set with a number of challenges that they need to complete in order to unearth the location that they are in. The mode has a timer that keeps counting down to zero, when the last player standing wins. Battle Royale requires you to be a pro member.
  • Daily Challenge: As the name suggests, it is a special daily quest, and may change in terms of the geolocation quest each day. It requires you to be a pro member.
  • Country Streak: The challenge requires players to accumulate the highest streak of right guesses in terms of identifying a country. Both free and pro members can play.
  • Explorer Mode: Here, players can don the hat of explorers around the world, select a country of their choice and set about to identify places and iconic sites in that country. The most popular places include the Americas, Europe, Australia and the Indian subcontinent. Both free and pro members can play.