Google Maps Gets the ‘Glanceable Direction While Navigating’ Feature

  • Google is silently rolling out its ‘Glanceable Direction While Navigating’ feature for Android and iOS users.
  • The feature was announced last year.

Google Maps has started getting a new ‘Glanceable While Navigating’ feature on Android and iOS devices. This will help you navigate easily without having to unlock your phone again and again. Check out the details.

Google Maps’s Glanceable Directions Rolling Out

The new Google Maps feature will allow you to view directions directly on your lock screen. Android users can view directions and live ETA directly from the lock screen. The feature also works on the route overview screen in the app, even if you don’t hit the Start button. On the iOS front, the feature will use its ‘Live Activities’ to enable this feature. Here’s how it looks:

GIF Credit: Android Police

To recall, Google announced this feature in February last year and it was said to debut in June 2023. While it may have been available for a small group of people. It’s now rolling out to a wide range of users across the world.

First spotted by Android Police, the feature is now rolling out widely for users on Android version 11.116 and iOS version 6.104.2. We checked for this feature on an iPhone 13 and Nothing Phone 2, and both smartphones have received this update.

How to Enable ‘Glanceable Direction While Navigating’ in Google Maps

Unfortunately, this feature is turned off by default, so you must enable it manually. Here’s how to do it.

  • On Google Maps, Tap on your profile photo at the top right corner.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Scroll down and select Navigation settings.
  • Search for ‘Glanceable Direction While Navigating’ and enable it.

Bear in mind you have to update the Google Maps app on your Android or iOS device to start using the new ‘Glanceable Direction While Navigating’ feature.