Google Now Lets Users Install Play Store Apps on Android TV Right From Their Phones, Here’s How it Works

From your phone, you can install apps on Android TV.


Android TVs are quite popular these days, bringing the best of both worlds, from live TV to favourite TV shows. It looks like Google is also putting some good efforts to make sure that watching TV and switching between devices is even more seamless by integrating some of the features we saw earlier on Android phones. Earlier, when logged into your Google account on any browser, you can head over to Google Play Store and install apps, via the browser itself, rather than switch to your phone. Now, something similar has arrived for Android TV as well. This is, however, seems to be available to a limited number of users who are using the same Google account on their Android TV and their phones.

Redditor u/avigi, spotted this new feature first and posted it. It can be clearly seen that on Google Play Store, users can now choose an app to be installed on Android TV. This is something much needed for users. As mentioned earlier, it was possible to install apps on Android smartphones using browsers, and the same kind of mechanism works for WearOS apps as well. But this is the first time Google is enabling remote app installations on Android TV via Android smartphones.

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Now install Play store apps on Android TV from your phone from AndroidTV

Another Reddit user u/kevjs1982 shared some more screenshots on Imgur, that explain how this new feature works. When an app is installed on all devices, it will let the users know about it just below the ‘Uninstall’ and ‘Open’ buttons. If it’s installed only on an Android TV device, Google Play Store will show that on the phone while letting the user install the app on his phone as well.

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Finally, if the app is installed only on the phone and not on the Android TV device then an ‘Install’ button will appear on the right side where the device is represented.

However, it looks like this is a server-side update from Google and as long as it doesn’t reach your phone, you can’t get this nifty feature on your phone. It may take some time for this to roll out to all users, but once it does, it could be very useful for everyone. Such a feature can also be useful if Google decides to implement it for phones. This could save time and effort for many people who use multiple phones.