GTA Fan Attempts to Remake San Andreas Using Far Cry 5 Engine, Without Mods

This remake looks pretty impressive in its current state.


Within gaming circles, conversations have been dominated by Rockstar’s GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, and its seemingly lackluster quality. While the core games themselves are plenty enjoyable, the gaming community has reached a consensus that suggests that the games lack a certain level of polish that is expected off of a Rockstar Games product.

With that in mind, modders and members of the GTA community have taken the issue of improving the games on their shoulders by developing mods that target specific areas of the game such as rain and controls. One project, however, stands out quite greatly, as one fan is now attempting to remake GTA San Andreas using Far Cry 5’s Map Editor and engine – Dunia. Reddit user u/MapEditorMaster posted a little snippet of what they’re working on a couple of days ago on the r/GTA subreddit, and it looks pretty impressive.

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GTA San Andreas on Far Cry 5 engine remake looks pretty good

Remaking GTA San Andreas from scratch- Gameplay soon from GTA

u/MapEditorMaster has successfully remade Grove Street on the Far Cry 5 engine, as well as the surrounding neighborhood of Davis. The project is ambitious, to say the least, and they have promised gameplay footage soon, which is going to be an even massive challenge.

As GTA fans will know, Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company has taken a rather aggressive stance against mods as of late, which might be concerning for u/MapEditorMaster. However, what is interesting is that since the mod doesn’t actually use any of GTA San Andreas’ assets or mods, there is a chance this remake can survive Take-Two’s gaze.

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Take-Two hasn’t taken kindly to mods in the last few months, leading up to the release of the Definitive Edition trilogy.

The OP themselves have commented on whether their remake could be in danger should Take-Two suddenly takes interest:

“ROCKSTAR cant touch this for simple reasons… (I could be wrong) So this is all built in the Far Cry 5 Dunia engine, ” said u/MapEditorMaster on r/GTA. ” Rockstar is not allowing their game to be modded or any of the original files to be tampered with. Most all remakes/remasters of GTA games are just people running the OG files through software that renders it into modern game engines like UNREAL, I BUILT THIS FROM SCRATCH [no mods]”.