How To Change Username In Instagram?

Tired of that silly username you set back in your teenage days to impress your crush? Let me help you change it.


We all get tired of our Instagram usernames at one point. Sometimes because we have developed our personality or because we have set some silly username that no longer makes any sense. Well if you want to change it now is the time. Changing the username of Instagram is really easy and one can do it at any given time.

The username is our identity on Instagram. It is what makes us separate from the bunch and discoverable. So, if you want to change it here’s how you can do it. There are two different ways if you want to change it from your browser or from the Instagram App. Let’s check each one out step by step.

Change Instagram Username Using Instagram App

Changing a username using the Instagram app is a simple few-step process. Follow along to quickly get rid of your silly username and choose one that suits you best.

  • Open the Instagram app and tap on the Profile Icon at the bottom
  • Now tap on the Edit Profile button on your profile
  • Now, tap on your Username and enter your desired username
    (Note: If you enter the username that has already been taken, Instagram will not let you set the Username. You can try different combinations like you can add numbers or change certain letters)
  • Once you enter the username tap on the “right arrow” in the top right corner

Viola! You are done with your new fancy username that will present your identity everywhere from now on.

Note: keep in mind that in case you change your mind and want your old username back you will not be able to set it up again till the next 14 days. Meanwhile, if someone else claims it then you will never be able to set it again. (This is how I lost my original username)

Change Instagram Username Using Browser

You can also change your Instagram Username using any browser on your PC or smartphone. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Instagram Account Center
  • Click on your Instagram Profile which you want to change the username of
  • Select Username from the prompt
  • Enter the username of your liking
  • Click Done

That is it, if the username of your choice is available you will be able to set it instantly, if not Instagram will ask you to change it or tell you that it’s not available. You can choose different variations and combos to set up your unique username.


Q. Are Instagram display names and usernames different?

Yes, Instagram Usernames and Display Names are two different things. Username is your unique identification on Instagram which can not be replicated and gives you identity everywhere like likes and followings.

On the other hand, the Display name is something that can be kept to anything by anyone that shows your name and that’s it it serves no other purpose.

Q. Will I lose my followers if I change my Instagram Username?

No, but if you are someone being followed by many then it might cause confusion to your followers regarding your identity.

Q. How frequently I can change my Instagram Username?

You can change your username on Instagram as frequently as you wish to but keep in mind that you can only use the same username after 14 days of the cooldown period.

Q. Will I lose my previous username after changing it on Instagram?

Yes, If you change your Instagram username then your previous username becomes available to others which can then be claimed by anyone.