YouTube Premium Code Redemption: How to Redeem YouTube Premium Codes?

If you have a YouTube Premium code and want to redeem it, here’s how you can.


YouTube Premium is a subscription plan from the most popular video streaming app, YouTube. The Google-owned video streaming service offers a bunch of features with its Premium membership that aims to enhance the user’s watching experience. Most importantly, it doesn’t show you any ads while watching videos.

To get YouTube Premium, a user has to pay a subscription fee that starts from Rs 129/month in India. However, several apps offer YouTube Premium redeem codes to provide the membership for free. If you have a YouTube Premium code and want to redeem it, here’s how you can do it. But before that, let’s know more in detail about the YouTube Premium and its benefits.

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What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium membership is a paid subscription service that YouTube offers in exchange for various benefits to subscribers. It offers features like an ads-free experience, background play support, the ability to download videos and watch them offline, YouTube music membership, and more.

The YouTube Premium subscription is available in three plans in India – 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months. Below is a table of the YouTube Premium subscription plan pricing details for India.



1-month Rs 139
3-month Rs 399
12-months Rs 1,290

How to Redeem YouTube Premium Code?

If you have a YouTube Premium code or gift card and you want to redeem it, here’s how you can on the browser.

  1. Sign in to your Google account on the browser.
  2. Open this link:
  3. Enter the code in the ‘Enter code’ space and click on Next.
  4. Click on the ‘Get YouTube Premium’ button and choose the plan you want to buy.
  5. Choose Google Pay as your payment option and click on Buy.
  6. Your code will be redeemed and your YouTube Premium account will be activated.

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Benefits of YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium Features

YouTube Premium comes with a bunch of features. Once subscribed, you can avail the below features.

Ads-free Videos

One of the main YouTube Premium features is that you do not have to encounter those annoying ads that you see every time before or during a video. It will remove any types of ads from the video on any device you sign in with your account. However, promotions embedded by the creators would be visible in the videos.

Background Play

YouTube Premium allows you to play a YouTube video in the background even when you turn off the screen. Apart from that, you can also use the picture-in-picture mode that converts your video into a small screen so that you can use other apps while watching videos.

Download Videos

YouTube Premium allows you to download videos in high quality and let you watch them in the app. You can either download a particular video or an entire playlist to watch offline. This is helpful when you are travelling or in a no network zone and want to watch videos.

YouTube Music Premium

The best thing about YouTube Premium is that you get access to millions of songs on YouTube music. With YouTube Music, you can play any song without encountering ads, download it, use background play, and turn on audio mode only.

YouTube Originals

YouTube makes short movies with some selected popular creators which it calls ‘YouTube originals’. With YouTube Premium, you get access to these YouTube originals for no extra cost.

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