MWC 2024: Infinix Unveils CoolMax Mobile Gaming Tech; Infinix GT Ultra Teaser Shared

  • Infinix has announced multiple flagship-level technologies, including CoolMax, AirCharge, and more.
  • The brand is expected to debut the Infinix GT Ultra with the CoolMax tech soon.

Infinix has announced new flagship-level concepts at the ShowStoppers event at MWC 2024. This includes the CoolMax, which is the industry’s first semiconductor and air-cooling system. The company has also confirmed the launch of a dual-core Infinix GT Ultra gaming smartphone with the tech. Here are the details.

Infinix GT Ultra: What We Know So Far

Infinix reveals the plans to launch the first dual-core gaming smartphone, the GT Ultra, in 2024. The upcoming smartphone is said to redefine the mobile gaming experience with unparalleled performance and immersive gameplay.

The Infinix GT Ultra smartphone is said to take advantage of the technologies announced at the Showstoppers event. Infinix has achieved an industry-leading benchmark score of 2,21,5639 on the AnTuTu benchmarking platform with the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 SoC.

The brand claims users can expect seamless multitasking and gameplay with the chipset. Additionally, Infinix has partnered with Pixelworks visual processors to offer a refresh rate of up to 180Hz at FHD+ resolution. The upcoming smartphone can also offer a refresh rate of up to 144Hz at WQHD+ resolution.

CoolMax, Infinix’s Flagship Gaming Technology

The new CoolMax mobile gaming technology can help the device dissipate heat from its components and is claimed to reduce temperature by over 10 degrees Celsius. The CoolMax system also optimises the chipset performance with high overall system efficiency to offer prolonged gaming sessions.

The AI algorithm will dynamically adjust core utilisation based on different scenarios. Infinix claims that the technology can operate the chipset at peak efficiency by not running the chipset on high performance, which in turn reduces heat generation. The CoolMax technology features an air-cooling fan and an electric cooler.

Infinix AirCharge Technology

Infinix has also introduced the AirCharge technology, which can offer charging within a distance of 0 to 20 centimetres at up to 60 degrees with the multi-coil magnetic resonance technology. Infinix claims that the charging pad can be placed under a desk to free up the constraints of charging cables while using the smartphone.

The new magnetic resonance technology will use a low-frequency alternating magnetic field without generating a high-radiation electric field in space. The brand adds that the technology is safe as it uses end-to-end resonance and over-voltage protection (OVP) circuits for secure charging, even when the charging distance changes rapidly.

Infinix Extreme-Temp Battery

The Extreme-Temp battery technology supports charging in up to -40°C extreme temperatures. The brand has achieved the technology by optimising battery structure and introducing biomimetic electrolyte and fusion solid-state technology on the electrodes.

This can block lithium ion trapping at extreme temperatures. Infinix claims that the phone’s endurance performance in normal temperature environments is boosted by 50% to 300%.

Infinix E-Colour Shift Technology

The E-Colour Shift technology is Infinix’s first programmable and user-defined phone skin technology. Infinix utilises the E-Ink Prism and the colour particles within microstructures to carry positive and negative charges. The electric field changes by applying different voltages to the microstructure.

The technology will also reserve up to 80 customisable areas on the hardware, which supports multiple colours. The users can control the technology through an application in the future.