DTC Bus Tickets on WhatsApp: How to Book in Minutes

Here is how to book DTC Bus tickets through WhatsApp!


WhatsApp and Delhi Transport Corporation have announced a new feature that allows commuters in the Delhi NCR area to book DTC bus tickets on WhatsApp easily. Delhi NCR commuters can use the WhatsApp QR code provided to initiate the bus tickets booking. You can book tickets for the day for routes around the Delhi NCR area, without installing an additional app or visiting a website for booking. 

How to Book DTC Bus Tickets Through WhatsApp For Delhi NCR Commuters

Here's how to book DTC bus tickets easily on WhatsApp:

  1. Open WhatsApp, click the camera icon and scan this QR code.
  2. Send Hi. You can also send a Hi to +91 8744073223.
  3. Select the preferred language – English or Hindi.
  4. Next, Select Book Ticket.
  5. Tap the Book Ticket link.
  6. You'll be redirected to your default web browser.
  7. Here, select the source and destination and select the route.
  8. Click on Continue
  9. Tap Pay With UPI or Pay With Other Modes according to your preference.
  10. You'll be taken back to WhatsApp chat. 
  11. Click the Pay now button.
  12. You can pay with WhatsApp Pay or select any other UPI app if you select the UPI payment. 
  13. Complete the payment and your bus tickets will be booked now and you'll get the bus ticket directly in the chat itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to book a DTC bus ticket through WhatsApp?

All you need to do is scan the QR code and send a Hi or Hi to +91 8744073223 to start the booking of bus tickets. You don't need to provide any kind of ID for booking.

Is there any fee for booking tickets through WhatsApp

There is a small convenience fee (0.223% approx) for booking DTC bus tickets via WhatsApp. If you're using a debit card or credit card for making payment, an extra percentage of convenience charge is applied (0.40% for debit cards & 1.10% for credit cards). No such fees exist on UPI payments.

Can I book DTC Bus tickets in advance?

You can book tickets for the current day in bus routes around the Delhi NCR area, but you won't be able to book tickets for days in advance. 

How many DTC Bus tickets can I book in one transaction?

You can book up to 6 tickets in one go by booking DTC bus bookings via WhatsApp.

What payment methods are accepted for WhatsApp ticketing?

UPI, debit cards and credit cards can be used for booking DTC bus tickets via WhatsApp.

Where can I find the QR code for DTC WhatsApp ticketing?

The QR code for DTC WhatsApp ticketing can be found on this page above.