WhatsApp Account Banned? Here’s How to Get Unbanned (2024)

Here's how to get your WhatsApp Account unbanned!


Over the past few months, WhatsApp has been aggressively filtering out spam accounts due to an increasing number of irrelevant promotional content and frauds on the platform. However, this has also negatively impacted a small set of genuine users who are extremely active on WhatsApp, leaving them locked out of their accounts. Here’s a guide to find out how to get your WhatsApp account unbanned. Let’s have a look.

How to Get Your WhatsApp Unbanned (For Temporary Bans)

In most cases, WhatsApp adds a temporary ban, which is regarded as a warning. Such types of ban can be easily cleared by using two simple methods.

Re-install WhatsApp Application

If you see a timer alongside the ban notice in WhatsApp, it means that you have received a temporary ban. While the best solution is to wait for the timer to turn zero, you can also try re-installing WhatsApp from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

whatsapp temporary ban
Image: Ramesh Patel (Google Support Forums)

If this does not work for you, then try registering the same number on WhatsApp for Business.

Register for WhatsApp Business

Step 1: Download WhatsApp for Business from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Step 2: Open the app, and select Agree and continue.

Step 3: If you have kept regular WhatsApp installed on your phone, you will see a prompt to use the same number on WhatsApp for Business. Choose this prompt.

setup whatsapp business

If you don’t see this prompt, then simply enter the same number and register for WhatsApp for Business. Your existing chats and contacts will get migrated.

If both methods do not work, then you are likely banned permanently on WhatsApp. Here’s what you can do in such a case.

How to Get Your WhatsApp Unbanned (For Permanent Bans)

A permanent ban on WhatsApp happens when a user violates the policies of the platform. Repeat offenders of temporary bans are also more likely to get banned permanently. The best way to recover a permanently banned WhatsApp account is by contacting the WhatsApp Support Team.

Use In-App Support

When you try to re-register a banned WhatsApp account, you will get a prompt to contact WhatsApp Support in the app itself. Here, select the Support button and appeal the ban by providing all the relevant information.

contact whatsapp support

If you don’t see this option, then you can directly contact WhatsApp from the official website.

Contact WhatsApp via Website

Step 1: Head over to support section of the WhatsApp website.

Step 2: Enter your phone number, email address, and describe your appeal in a few words. You can also use the template provided below.

Subject: Request to Unban WhatsApp Account

Dear WhatsApp Team,

My WhatsApp account associated with the phone number +91 9876543210 has been banned. I believe that I have not violated any policies of the platform, and this ban has happened due to an error.

I request the team to look into this matter and reinstate my WhatsApp account. Please reach out if you need any supporting information in the process.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,


appeal whatsapp ban

Step 3: Now select Next Step and choose the Send Question option.

WhatsApp will contact you on your provided email ID within 24-48 hours. Note that the platform may ask for some additional information to unban your account.

However, WhatsApp reserves the right to keep your account banned if they find the user guilty of violating the terms and conditions. The platform also does not specify the exact reason for permanent bans. Hence, it is recommended to use WhatsApp wisely for personal communications, and not for spam.

Why was my WhatsApp Account Banned

There are multiple reasons why your WhatsApp account can get banned. Here are some common factors which you keep in mind to safeguard your WhatsApp account.

Blocked or Reported by Too Many Users

If you are blocked or reported by too many WhatsApp users for any reason, the platform will consider you as a malicious user. WhatsApp does not specify the exact number of reports or blocking that can get you banned. Hence, one should remain careful with their WhatsApp usage.

Using Unofficial Version

The most common reason for getting your WhatsApp account banned is by using an unofficial version, such as WhatsApp+, GB WhatsApp, etc. Using such third-party clients or any version other than official WhatsApp is a direct violation of the platform’s policies. This may also get you banned permanently on WhatsApp.

Sending Too Many Spam Messages

If you send too many spam messages to multiple contacts and groups on WhatsApp, you may get banned. This is because sending and forwarding an excessive number of messages may activate the spam filtration process of WhatsApp.

Although the platform is smart enough to differentiate between an active user and spam content, sending too many messages may also get you banned on WhatsApp.

Adding Too Many Users To a Group

Given the increasing number of phishing scams happening on WhatsApp, the platform now considers adding multiple unknown numbers to a group as a suspicious activity. Many users have reported on Reddit and Twitter that they have been banned on WhatsApp after creating a new group.

The best way to prevent this is by adding contacts to a group in small batches, rather than adding all users at once. You may also selectively share the WhatsApp Group Link among users.


1. How long does it take to get a WhatsApp account unbanned?

It can take anywhere between 1-30 days to get your WhatsApp account unbanned.

2. Can I receive messages while my WhatsApp account is banned?

No, you will not receive messages if you are permanently banned on WhatsApp. This is because when a user is banned, WhatsApp delists that account from the platform. Hence, when someone tries to text a banned user, they won’t be able to see them in their list of chats.

3. Can I appeal a temporary ban?

Yes, you can appeal a temporary ban by contacting WhatsApp support from the official website.

4. How do I contact WhatsApp support for a ban appeal?

The easiest way to contact WhatsApp support is from the support section on the official website. Alternatively, you can also email them on support@whatsapp.com and provide all the necessary details like your registered WhatsApp number, Account name, etc.