OP Full Form: What Does OP Mean in Social Media and How to Use it Correctly?

OP means a lot of terms in different situations and in this article, we are going to explain each one to you.


OP is a very popular term when it comes to gaming. While playing Battlegrounds Mobile India, you must have heard the term OP for any special or different things that happen in the game. Or noticed it in the chat box while watching the streams of popular gamers. Apart from that, if you check in a lot of replies or comment sections on social media, you would have seen the term OP. So, the question remains, what is OP? What’s full form and what it exactly means? Well, OP means a lot of terms in different situations and in this article, we are going to talk about the same. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Full-Form of OP

While there are many full forms of OP, there are mainly two which are used generally in real life. They are ‘Overpowered’ and ‘Original Post’. Both words have different meanings and should not be taken as one.

Overpowered is a term that is mainly used in gaming while appreciating something. This term is trendy among battle royal game players like Battlegrounds Mobile India or PUBG Mobile.

The term Original Post is referred to as OP on social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It means that about the person who made that comment first or the person who is the original creator of that post.

How to Use OP on Social Media?

Twitter thread

On social media, OP is an abbreviation for Original Post or Original Poster. It refers to the person who is the original creator of that post. For example, when you are on Twitter, you notice a lot of tweets which have replies and the replies have other replies which make it a thread. Now, a person below that thread can use the abbreviation OP to refer to the first person who tweeted that. It is used on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

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Here’re some examples of how you can use the term OP on social media.

  • Shubham tweets,” I am looking to purchase an Android device between the price of Rs 40k – Rs 50k.”
  • A user replies that he should buy an iPhone for that price and explains various reasons why he should do that.
  • Now, a third person replies and says.” I think OP is only looking for an Android phone and he is not considering buying an iPhone.” The OP here refers to Shubham or the Original Poster.

How to Use OP in Gaming?


The term OP in gaming refers to Overpowered which means that a character or a player is strong. Also, it can be used to refer to appreciating anyone’s effort in defeating the enemy or showing any skills.

It can be also used when a player finds that a weapon, another player, or anything related to the game is more powerful than it should be. At that time, OP can be referred to as Overpowered. For example, there’s a 1 vs 4 situation in a game where the player defeats all four by his skills. That player is referred to as an OP player. You can use the term OP in the following statements while gaming.

“AWM is an OP gun” which means that the AWM is an overpowered gun and can damage other players deeply.

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How to Use OP in Anime?

Netflix Splinter Cell
An animated show for Netflix is also in development.

While OP generally means two terms. But it also has different meanings when it comes to Anime. The abbreviation OP in Anime means two terms: One Piece (a popular Anime show) and Opening Song. One Piece is one of the most popular anime shows and is also the best-selling manga of all time. Also, OP means Opening Songs or Opening Credits of an Anime.

OP can be used in an Anime like the below terms.

  • “ Have you watched OP? It’s so good, I highly recommend you to watch it” – Here OP means One Piece.
  • “ The OP of Your Name anime is so good, I am still listening to it” – Here OP means the opening song of Your Name anime.

Other Popular Internet Phrases That Goes with OP

Just like OP, there are other popular internet phrases that are used to describe something in a short form. You can refer to the below table for more acronyms like that.

Short Form Full Form
GG Good Game
BG Bad Game
Pro Professional
Noob Beginner Players who play bad
FPP First Person Perspective
TPP Third Person Perspective
AFK Away from Keyboard