Google Play Store Now Allows Simultaneous App Downloads  

  • Google Play store now allows you to download two apps simultaneously.
  • There’s still no way to update multiple apps at the same time.

The Google Play Store has introduced a small yet useful functionality of downloading two apps simultaneously. This wasn’t possible earlier; one had to wait for a download to complete for another to begin.

Download Two Apps Simultaneously on the Play Store

The ability to download two apps at the same time is now available on several smartphones, including the Nothing Phone (2). Folks at 9To5Google first spotted the functionality on the Google Play Store.

Earlier, it was suggested that the Google Play Store would support the simultaneous download of up to 5 apps. Currently, this is restricted to only two. A future update could allow users to download more than two apps simultaneously.

Check if your Android Smartphone has the Feature

To see if your Android smartphone has received this feature, go to the Play Store and attempt to download two large apps simultaneously. If both apps start downloading, you have the update. If one app stalls with the spinning circle, you will have to wait a bit longer for the new feature.

Still a Work in Progress

It’s essential to note that this feature is far from perfect just yet. This only allows you to download apps simultaneously and will not work with app updates. This could be more useful for people, considering app updates are more frequent than multiple new app downloads.

We shall see if Google updates this functionality further and if it does, we will keep you posted.