Milagrow iMap 14, iMap 24, and BlackCat 23 Robotic Cleaners Launched in India: Price, Features

  • Milagrow’s new robotic cleaners come with Japanese brushless motors for efficient cleaning.
  • They are also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Milagrow Humantech has launched three new robotic cleaners in India: iMap 14, iMap 23, and the BlackCat 23. These robots are equipped with Lidar technology that can accurately map the room’s dimensions to clean every corner.

They support vacuum cleaning and mopping and can also be controlled using voice commands in multiple Indian languages. Let’s look at the features and pricing of the new Milagrow robotic cleaners.

Milagrow iMap 14, iMap 23, and BlackCat 23: Price and Availability

Pricing for the new Milagrow robotic cleaners in India starts at Rs 16,990. Here is the pricing of each model.

Model Price
iMap 14 Rs 16,990
iMap 23 Rs 29,990
BlackCat 23 Rs 49,990

All three robotic cleaners are available for purchase on Amazon, Milagrow Humantech’s website, and Croma’s offline stores across India. Amazon is offering limited-time discounts of up to Rs 1200 on OneCard, Axis Bank, and Citi Bank credit cards.

Milagrow Robotic Cleaners: Features

The iMap 23 features a 4-litre dustbin that can provide hands-free cleaning for up to 70 days, after which it has to be cleared manually. It can store maps of up to five floors using RT2R 2.0 navigation technology that scans the floor over 4250 times per second.

It comes with a Japanese brushless motor with a suction power of 5000Pa, a HEPA filter, and a separate mop for efficient cleaning.

milagrow robotic cleaners

The iMap 23 is powered by a 5200mAh battery that can last for over four hours. It also comes with a docking station, where the robot drives itself for charging and standby modes.

The iMap 14 features the same navigation technology in a compact size. It comes with a similar Japanese motor with a suction power of 3200Pa. The robot also retains all the smart features from the top model, allowing users to set cleaning rules for specific rooms and use voice commands through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This variant does not come with a docking station.

The BlackCat 23 is an affordable robotic cleaner for dry and wet cleaning. It uses Gyro-mapping technology that can clean the house in a uniform pattern to reach every corner. It also has anti-fall and obstacle-detection features that allow it to move freely in the room.

This robot has a 2700Pa suction motor powered by a 2600mAh battery. The BlackCat 23 offers a runtime of 2 hours before needing to be charged again.

Milagrow Humantech is an India-based company specialising in making robots. The company has been developing home-cleaning robots for almost a decade in the Indian market.