This iOS 17 Bug Brings Up the App Switcher While One is Typing: Here’s How to Fix

A bug in iOS 17 is switching the open app while the user is in the middle of typing a long message.

  • iOS 17 users are facing a new bug while typing on their iPhones.
  • The bug switches the app while the user is typing on the keyboard.
  • According to reports, the bug has been around for a while and impacts all iOS 17 versions.

A new iOS 17 bug is affecting iPhone users, which makes it inconvenient for users to type long messages quickly. The bug has been reported by various users on Apple community forums and Reddit. According to these posts, iPhones on iOS 17 seem to be switching apps, while users are typing long messages quickly. Apple has not yet addressed the issue, which seems to have been around for a while and affecting all iOS 17 versions. It seems to be an issue with Reachability gesture sensitivity as turning off the accessibility feature seems to temporarily fix the bug. Let’s take a look at the newest iOS 17 bug and how to fix it.

iOS 17 Users Report Bug That Switches App While Typing

Video source: Kevin Glass

As you can see above, the iPhone seems to be pulling up the app switcher panel mid-sentence as the user was trying to type a message. People are complaining that they have been kicked out of the messages, Notes, and other apps mid-sentence as they were typing.

The experience can be quite jarring while typing a long email, taking notes during a class or briefing, etc, especially if it is a situation that demands quick note taking or typing.

How to Fix App Switcher Bug in iOS 17?

Apple has not yet addressed the issue officially. However, it’s expected that the bug will be fixed in the next iOS update, which is iOS 17.2. Users can temporarily fix the issue by following the steps below.

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap on Accessibility.
  • Scroll to the Physical and Motor section.
  • Tap on Touch.
  • Click on Reachability to toggle it off.

Notably, Reachability is the feature that lowers the top half of the screen for a convenient operation. Disabling this feature seems to temporarily fix the app switcher bug, which suggests that the issue might lie with the accessibility feature.

Common Bugs Found in iOS 17

This is not the first bug that’s affecting iPhone users on iOS 17. We already know about excessive heating and faster battery drain on older iPhones on iOS 17. Below are some of the common issues reported by iOS 17 users.

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These are some of the common bugs and issues found in iOS 17, across various versions. You can find the complete list of common iOS 17 issues on Apple’s official iOS and iPadOS 17 Release Notes webpage