Is Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Unban in the Cards? Here’s a Look at the Possibilities


In a dramatic turn of events on 28 July, BGMI, the Indian-exclusive PUBG Mobile variant, was removed from Google Play Store and the App Store abruptly. The news broke out in the hearts of Indian gamers and esports players as Indian Esports is just about to make a name globally. Google Confirmed that they had suspended the app based on the directives issued by the Government. BGMI Maker has reached out to MySmartPrice with a comment where it states that they are clarifying how BGMI was suspended from the App Stores.

Yesterday, the game’s ban was confirmed by a report from Reuters and it is said that the game was banished under Section 69A of the IT Act which made the hopes of the fans shattered to the ground. The in-game purchases of the app have been restricted and players have even started to face server-related issues.

But the server is not completely closed and the game is working fine for a few existing users. Moreover, the Government has issued no statements regarding the suspended application while Google’s statement made things clear. These developments have confused the fans regarding the implementation of the ban by the Government of India. Despite the fact knowing that the game is banned, it is believed that there is a probability of lifting up the game’s ban in India.

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Is BGMI Banned? Will the game make a comeback after its suspension from the App Stores?


PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were banned by the Indian Government alongside other Chinese applications under Section 69A of the IT Act. Krafton has made a comeback with BGMI in 2021 which is believed as the rebranded version of PUBG Mobile. The government also green-signalled the game as it complied with Indian Laws and rules. All of these developments are making fans ponder if the game is actually banned or not.

Following the sudden removal of the game from the Google Play Store and App Store, a Few sources reported that Krafton will put up a meeting with the MeitY officials to discuss the issue on 29 July 2022. This has been supported by a number of pro athletes and influencers who have insinuated at this meeting.

They have also prompted fans to continue to stay positive and hopeful that the game will come back. As a result, there is a chance that the game will return after this meeting. At the time of writing, no news or any outcome came out about any meetings that took place of such sort.

In one of his recent tweets, Ghatak mentioned that the current ban imposed on the game is temporary only and it is not a permanent one. He suggested that fans be hopeful. Considering that there is no official statement released by the government and looking at the game’s functionality, it can be believed that it’s only a temporary ban.

bgmi unban
Snippets from Revenge.GG, Shiva Nandy (Instagram),

Revenge Esports Owner, in one of his Instagram Stories, mentioned that the game is not banned but was blocked the access to download the game from Appstore and Play Store due to certain security reasons related to data leaks and some more legal reasons which are unknown. He suggested fans not believe that the game is banned until an official confirmation comes up from the Government or Krafton.

Ghatak again made a tweet which stated, “By The way, it’s very close to GGWP, tag your friends with whom you met in BGMI and share your best BGMI memory with them Kyuki kya pata Kal ho Ho Na ho :(.” In addition to this, Shiva Nandy, CEO Of SkyEsports has taken it to Instagram and told that the current scenario looks more unlikely. This certainly paves a way to believe that the game is now banned and the meeting did not fare well if it had happened.

Image via Esportswala

Moreover, Few personalities in the industry have been posting about PUBG: New State Mobile being the new future in Indian Esports. This also leads to the suspicion of BGMI’s ban seems pretty strong. In addition to that, Esportswala, a popular esports org announced the first New State Mobile Roster following the ban of BGMI on 29 July 2022. It is also reported that the current ongoing BGMI tournaments will be shifted to New State Mobile which is yet to be seen.

BGMI Esports has risen to new standards and definitely raised the bars for Indian Gaming and Esports community. This ban will affect such important and unprecedented growth of Esports in the country and also affects the parties who are heavily invested in the competitive scene. It will also make foreign investors take a step back before making any investments seeing such shaky movements by the Government on Esports. As of now, there is no news on the game’s ban or unban has come out. It remains to be seen whether BGMI will make it back to Google Play Store and the App Store soon or not. Let us all hope for the best and wait for the game to make a comeback to continue its legacy.