Here’s How Intel is Helping Developers Create AI Software

  • Intel has announced a new program to boost the development of AI-based software.
  • The company will support smaller, more qualified app developers for their research and creation.

Intel has taken two new initiatives under its AI PC Acceleration Program to help software developers. The company will now provide smaller and mid-sized independent software vendors with easier access to tools and resources for AI development. Intel plans to deploy its AI-powered software and hardware ecosystem on over 100 million computers by 2025.

Intel AI PC Developer Program Explained

The AI PC Developer Program will function simultaneously with Intel’s existing AI PC Acceleration Program. Its main objective is to maximize the utilization of Intel’s hardware for artificial intelligence. The program will also help developers take advantage of the new NPUs present on the latest Intel Core Ultra processors, like the Core Ultra 9 185H, Core Ultra 7 155H, and the Core Ultra 5 125H.

Qualified partner developers can also access Intel’s Open labs, where they can gain direct support from the company in the early phases of their software. Intel will also help developers optimize their technology for maximum systems.

Intel has onboarded over 150 hardware vendors and multiple software vendors in its AI PC Acceleration Program. The list includes big names like Adobe, Webex, Zoom, Audacity, Wondershare Filmora, and many others. Developers will have better access to Intel’s vast AI resources. Basic examples include Studio Effects in Windows 11, which utilizes the NPU on Intel Core Ultra chip systems for AI-powered automatic framing and eye contact correction. Here, the laptop uses AI to adjust your eyes as if you are directly looking at the screen, even when you move your eyes.

Developers can join the Intel AI PC Acceleration Program from the official website. Intel says that the company is committed to providing app developers with a frictionless experience with their AI-ready developer kit.