Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 New Game Plus Mode Release Confirmed for Next Month

The next major update for the game will bring a few other additions as well.

  • Spider-Man 2 New Game Plus mode was originally planned for release in 2023.
  • The March update for Spider-Man 2 will also bring new suits and other “highly requested” features.
  • Spider-Man 2 is currently available with a 2-hour free trial for PS Plus Deluxe/Premium subscribers.

The long wait for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 New Game Plus mode is finally set to be over. Insomniac Games has shared a post on X confirming that the New Game Plus mode for Spider-Man 2 will be released on March 7. The release is part of a major update that will also bring other cool additions and new features.

The New Game Plus mode release was originally planned for December 2023, but was pushed back to the early 2024 window. The company said it had to delay the release as it required more testing to ensure the quality was up to their standards. It seems like all the necessary testing is done as we are now barely a month away from the much-awaited release.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 March Update: What to Expect?

It will be a free update for all Spider-Man 2 owners once it drops on March 7. All you need to do is to have the game installed on your PlayStation 5. The latest post reveals Spider-Man 2 March update will bring new suits and other “heavily requested” features alongside the new mode. The post does not go into details, and adds that a complete list of features will be shared closer to the release.

When the studio confirmed the New Game Plus release delay in December, it also talked about some of the new features under development. It said the update would bring Audio Descriptions, the ability to change the time of day, swap tendril colours, and replay older missions. We can expect these changes to be a part of the upcoming March update.

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There have been rumours that Insomniac Games is also working on a Spider-Man 2 DLC, but nothing is officially confirmed yet. We may hear some details about the DLC from the studio. In any case, we would suggest you keep your expectations low regarding the DLC announcement or release for the time being.

In other news, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is now available with a free 2-hour trial for PlayStation Plus Deluxe/Premium subscribers. It gives you an opportunity to try out one of the best PlayStation 5 games if you have not already. You can also read our Spider-Man 2 review to get a better idea of the game. The good thing is once your free trial expires, all your game progress and unlocked trophies will be carried over whenever you choose to buy the full game.