Meta Introduces New Customization Features to Your Facebook Feed with “Show More”, “Show Less” Buttons

Facebook now offers more customisation option for your feed.


Meta-owned Facebook has introduced a new way for its users to customise their feeds on the app. A new feature has been introduced for users to show them more relevant content according to their choices. Facebook will now show you two options after a few posts – Show more or Show less. If you tap on Show more, the ranking score for that post will be increased and it will be recommended to more users. Whereas selecting Show less will decrease the ranking score for that post and it will be not recommended to most users.

Facebook says that this feature will help their Artificial Intelligence system be smarter in selecting feed posts for other users. Here’re the changes that Meta has introduced for Facebook.

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Select Show More or Show Less to Improve Facebook Feed

While Facebook has said that the show more or show less option will be shown after a few posts from friends or communities, users will get an option soon to manually select it. To do that, users will have to tap on the three dots on the right side of a post and select either Show more or Show less option. The feature won’t be just limited to posts but for Reels only.

Feed Preferences Coming Soon

Besides the Show more or Show less option, Facebook is also working on a Feed preference feature. This will allow users to customise their feed from the friends, family, groups, pages and celebrities they like. The Feed Preference will show two sections – posts and connections.

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The post section will allow users to choose which feed they would like to see more often on their feed. It can be from family, friends, groups, pages, and public figures. The connection feature, on the other side, will offer users four options – favourites, snooze, reconnect and unfollow. The favourite section will allow users to add people and pages they want to see on priority on their feed. Whereas, the snooze section will restrict users to see posts from the selected pages and groups. Last is unfollow which will straight away remove the person from your account. The reconnect feature function has not been revealed but we can expect the company to help users in connecting with their old accounts.