Microsoft Tipped to Release All-Digital Xbox Series X Within Next Few Months

  • An all-digital Xbox Series X will have minor upgrades over the current-gen model.
  • Xbox rival PlayStation already offers a digital-only PlayStation 5 variant.

Microsoft reportedly plans a June or July 2024 release for the all-digital Xbox Series X. But there could be a delay in this launch as well. The details come via a new report from eXputer, citing confidential footage obtained through its close sources.

The publication claims the all-digital Xbox Series X console will be released in a White variant. The existing Xbox console comes in a Black colour option.

The report also says that the all-digital Xbox Series X will have minor upgrades over the current generation console. The biggest differences will undoubtedly be the omission of the disc reader and the change in the paint job. The rumoured console could also sport an improved heat sink and an upgraded Nexus card.

The digital-only variant of the Xbox Series X is expected to cost $50-$100 cheaper than the disc model. If this turns out to be true, the price difference would be similar to what we have seen with the Sony PlayStation 5, where the digital-only variant is cheaper.

All-Digital Xbox Series X: What We Know So Far?

Earlier leaked Microsoft documents revealed the console’s codename would be Brooklin. It was referred to as “adorably all digital” in the documents.

The earlier leaks also showed an all-new cylindrical design with a front-facing USB-C port. The all-digital Xbox Series X is expected to deliver 4K Gen9 console gaming with more internal storage, faster Wi-Fi, and reduced power consumption.

All these details about the digital-only Xbox Series X have been rumoured for a while now. But remember that this information is based on leaks, and many aspects of the device could change when Microsoft makes an official announcement.