CES 2020: These True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones From Klipsch Cost A Whopping $1000


The previous year witnessed a big bunch of true wireless earbuds get launched by almost all the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. It, therefore, comes as no surprise to anyone that all the leading technophile companies would like to capitalize on the general interest that has developed lately. The US audio specialist company Klipsch will launch a quartet of true wireless earbuds during the ongoing CES 2020. The company will introduce improved versions of its previously launched T5 true wireless earbuds. Alongside that, we will also witness the launch of a new pair of earbuds by the company whose cost would go well above $1000. Let’s have a look at the Klipsch inventory for the CES 2020.

Klipsch to Unveil T5 II, T5 ANC, T5 Sports, T10 True Wireless Earbuds, and More During CES 2020

Starting with the upgraded T5, the current T5 earbuds by Klipsch have had complaints from the users in the past owing to the “uncomfortable fit” and the absence of active noise cancellation. Klipsch has taken the feedback positively and has come up with four new earbuds that would be targeted towards different consumer demographics. The T5’s successors are dubbed T5 II, T5 Sport, T5 ANC version, and the mighty T10.

The T5 ANC version and the T10 earbuds will come with gesture controls and a built-in OS with embedded AI. The details surrounding the OS, however, are pretty scarce as of now. Moving on, the company has said that the T10 earbuds will be smaller in size when compared with the current true wireless buds in the market. The price of the T10 is kept at a whopping $650 mark. To make things even more expensive, the T10 comes in a special McLaren’s orange edition which is priced at $1000, a price tag which used to be a milestone for the flagship smartphones once upon a time. The T5 ANC version, however, is kept at a slightly ‘aggressive’ price point – $300.

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Coming to the vanilla T5 II earbuds, the latest iteration has been redesigned to fit more comfortably in the ear, and it will feature an improved Bluetooth antenna that achieves 24 hours of battery life (including the case). The T5 II will fetch $200 from your wallet.

Lastly, the T5 Sport edition will feature an IP67 rating and a dust+water tight case to aid for moisture removal. It will come with three sizes of ear wings. The price of the T5 Sport edition is kept at $230. Strangely enough, the McLaren edition for the T5 Sport will only cost $20 more and is kept at $250.

Klipsch Over-ear active noise-cancelling headphones

Alongside the true wireless earbuds mentioned above, the company will also introduce a new pair of over-the-ear ANC headphones. The company has not given any statement as to what they will be called, however. The headphones will have support for USB Type-C fast charging and will provide for up to five hours of battery life after ten minutes of charging (as claimed by the company). On a full charge, the battery is said to last 30 hours. The headphones will provide up to 40 decibels of active noise cancellation, and they also come with a transparency mode which would come in handy when you need to hear your environment.

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Furthermore, they support all three important codexes – SBC, AAC, and aptX HD. Lastly, the headphones have a dedicated Google Assistant button. The price of the headphones is kept at $400, while the McLaren edition would set you back at $550. The Klepsch over-the-ear ANC headphones will launch in Fall of 2020.

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