Rejected Samsung Mascot Finds Glory in the Horniest Corners of the Internet

Samantha Samsung is a mascot that no one's ever seen, but everyone will very soon, as long as the Internet has its way.


A Samsung mascot, that seems to be an experiment by the company a long time ago, has suddenly gone viral on the Internet. Why? Because that’s pretty much what the Internet does with things that have no future. And this one is called Samantha Samsung, a digital avatar that was originally created by a design firm called Lightfarm, working in collaboration with Cheil, a marketing agency that is owned by Samsung. “Lightfarm made it in collaboration with the Cheil agency, a marketing company owned by Samsung. So it was at some level, official. It’s all on the wayback machine now that their website has taken down the post,” said one tweet.

The mascot was apparently posted on Twitter by @louxtenyaiida, who tweeted four pictures of Samantha, which have now gone viral…in both safe and not safe for work type environments. As it is with such things, the Internet is also hard at work in trying to find the origin of the mascot. What we know so far is that Samantha Samsung has her own parody accounts on Twitter, and one user found pages on the Wayback Machine (or Internet Archive) to show where the mascot came from. “The character, which already had a 2D existing version, underwent a complete redesign to return to social networks in a 3D version, much more modern, exciting, and with many more expressions, poses and different textures,” states a design brief from these pages.

“Samsung Sam, commonly referred to as Samsung Girl and Samsung Virtual Assistant, is an unofficial virtual assistant for Samsung designed and presented by visual arts production house Lightfarm in May 2021. The reveal was followed with memes and hornyposting on social media, with some users misrepresenting the character as having been officially presented by Samsung,” says the mascot’s KnowYourMeme page.

While the images of Sam may have started on Twitter, they have also made it to Reddit and other corners of the Internet by now. Samsung, of course, has said nothing about the mascot or why she was originally made. There are even some speculations that Sam was originally supposed to be Bixby, the virtual assistant Samsung uses on its smartphones.