Samsung Freestyle Ultra Portable Projector Launched in India at Rs 84,990: Everything You Need to Know

The projector comes with a 2-year warranty period.


Samsung has announced a new premium projector in India, which is a lightweight, portable device, and can rotate up to 180 degrees. Called the Freestyle, the projector was initially launched at the CES 2022, back in January. The Freestyle is not a typical projector, it can also act as a smart speaker or an ambient lighting device, if and when needed. The new device from the Korean giant is targeted at Gen Z and millennial consumers, who want a portable project that can be used and carried on the go. The brand has just announced the pricing, availability, and offers of the Freestyle portable projector in India.

Samsung Freestyle Projector Price in India and Availability

The Freestyle projector is priced at Rs 84,990 and it will be available on Amazon as well as in Samsung stores. Buyers can get Rs 5,000 instant discount on HDFC card transactions and on Amazon, you also get Rs 2,000 coupon. Additionally, those who purchase the Freestyle from March 29 to March 31, 2022, will also get a free carry case for The Freestyle worth Rs 5,900. And lastly, those who pre-reserved the projector get Rs 4,000 off on the Samsung e-store.

Samsung Freestyle Projector: Features and Specifications

In terms of dimension, the Samsung Freestyle projector is capable of projecting from 30-inch to 100-inch video and thanks to the cradle design and 180-degree rotation, the viewing angle of the picture/ video can be adjusted easily with just a few clicks. The whole package weighs just 800 grams, making it very easy to carry around. This projector can be kept on tables, floors, walls or even ceilings.

Interestingly, you don’t need a separate screen as all you have to do is just tilt it and enjoy big-screen content anytime and anywhere you want. It optimizes projection based on your wall colour and there is no need for white background. The projector is equipped with auto keystone, auto-levelling and autofocus features to enhance the picture quality. Auto keystone allows the device to automatically adjust its screen to any flat surface at any angle, while Autofocus lets Freestyle automatically focus for a sharp and clear image and the auto-levelling feature ensures that the screen stays level on any surface including rocky rounds, soft beds, and everything in between.

Further, the Freestyle also comes with support for OTT apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Disney Hotstar & Prime Video. It is also the first portable projector that comes equipped with certified OTT platforms. Additionally, it also supports screen mirroring and casting. The Freestyle has a C-type power connection for charging. For Samsung Galaxy phone users, there is a dedicated button on the Freestyle that syncs it with Galaxy devices. With just a push of a button, users can instantly use their Galaxy device as a remote control.

As for the sound, the projector comes with omnidirectional 360-degree sound with a built-in speaker. When the projector is not in use, it can be transformed into an ambient light (mode) with a prism lighting effect with a translucent lens cap, sceneries or one of your own photos. It is also packed with Samsung Bixby and Amazon Alexa voice assistants and far-field voice control technology. When the screen is off, the device can be used as a smart speaker on its own.

Other features of the Samsung Freestyle projector includes Airplay 2 support, a Micro HDMI port, 1920 x 1080 native resolution, HDR10 support, and an optional waterproof and scratch-free case.