Xiaomi Reveals HyperOS Global Rollout Timeline: Check List of Eligible Devices

The Xiaomi 13 Series, Redmi Note 12 Series, and the Xiaomi Pad 6 are set to receive the HyperOS update

  • Xiaomi has released an official list of HyperOS eligible devices.
  • The company will roll out the update in batches for eight different devices early next year.
  • HyperOS will be available for devices across the flagship Xiaomi Series, Redmi Note Series, and also the Xiaomi Pads.

Xiaomi has started to replace MIUI with HyperOS, which we first saw on the Xiaomi 14 Series. The company had also revealed its plans to migrate its existing devices to HyperOS via an OTA update.

Xiaomi has now released an official list of devices which are set to receive the HyperOS update in Q1 2024. This includes the flagship Xiaomi 13 Series and some devices from the Redmi Note 12 Series. These updates will be available globally marking the debut of HyperOS outside of China.

Official List of HyperOS Eligible Devices

Xiaomi has announced global support for HyperOS on eight of its existing devices. They are:

  • Xiaomi 13 Ultra
  • Xiaomi 13 Pro
  • Xiaomi 13
  • Xiaomi 13T Pro
  • Xiaomi 13T
  • Redmi Note 12
  • Redmi Note 12S
  • Xiaomi Pad 6

Xiaomi says that these devices will receive the HyperOS update in the first quarter of 2024. Users can expect the update to arrive in batches. The company further added that more devices will be added to the list soon.

Recently, the POCO F5 started receiving the HyperOS update. It became one of the first devices to shift from MIUI to HyperOS via OTA. It is worth noting that users can install the update without the need for a factory reset. Users can check for the update by going into Settings > About Phone > Software Info > Updates.

The HyperOS update on the POCO F5 is based on Android 14. However, Xiaomi has not clarified whether the newly launched list of eligible devices will receive Android 14 or not.

Considering that the list only contains the set of the latest devices, we can expect the inclusion of Android 14 with the HyperOS update.

Xiaomi is currently gearing up for the global launch of its highly anticipated Redmi Note 13 Series. The company has scheduled the India launch on January 4, 2024.

The Redmi Note 13 Series was launched in China with MIUI. The device is yet to receive HyperOS for the Chinese variant. Hence, it is highly unlikely for the Redmi Note 13 Series to feature HyperOS out of the box during the Indian launch.

However, considering that Xiaomi will be focused on improving the device with updates after the launch, we can expect an OTA update for HyperOS on the Redmi Note 13 Series within the same batch of Q1 2024.

Other than the Redmi Note 13 Series, we can expect HyperOS to arrive on the Redmi 12 Series, POCO F4, POCO X6, and several other devices that were launched between 2022-2023. Xiaomi may also include HyperOS for some older devices as well, but the update could take slightly longer.