New Malayalam Movies on OTT with Release Dates [February 2024]: Queen Elizabeth, Guntur Kaaram, Neru, and more

Here's a list of new Malayalam movies to watch on OTT platform right now!


Get ready for an exciting cinematic journey this December with a lineup of new Malayalam movies on OTT platforms. Explore the magic and drama as these films unfold their narratives. Mark your calendars for the release dates and immerse yourself in the world of Malayalam cinema from the comfort of your home. February 2024 is about to become a memorable chapter for cinephiles with these intriguing releases.

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Top New Malayalam Movies on OTT

Movie OTT Release Date Platform
Queen Elizabeth 14th February 2024 Zee5
Guntur Kaaram 9th February 2024 Netflix
Neru 23rd January 2024 Disney+Hotstar
Rajni 12th January 2024
Amazon Prime Video
Antony 12th January 2024
Amazon Prime Video
Kaathal: The Core 5th January 2024
Amazon Prime Video
Udal 5th January 2024 Saina Play
Tholvi F.C. 3rd January 2024
Amazon Prime Video

Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth, fiercely independent, navigates her simple life unfazed by judgment. Narain’s persistent kindness attempts to woo her, but their rhythm changes when a Coimbatore business trip throws their destinies into question. Will distance and societal whispers rewrite their tale, or will hidden secrets in the bustling city rewrite the rules of love itself?

IMDb rating – 7.5

Where to watch – Zee5

Cast – Shweta Menon, V.K. Prakash, Jude Anthany Joseph

Queen Elizabeth OTT Release Date – 14th February 2024

Guntur Kaaram

A man receives a letter from his birth mother, whom he has never met, asking him to meet her. He is hesitant at first, but eventually decides to do so. When they meet, he learns that she has a terminal illness and wants to get to know him before she dies.

IMDb Rating: 5.7

Where to Watch: Netflix

Cast: Mahesh Babu, Sreeleela, Meenaakshi Chaudhary

Guntur Kaaram OTT Release Date: 9th February 2024


Sara, once a creator of beauty, faces darkness after a vicious attack. But her strength, like a solid rock, remains unbroken. With resilience, she faces the injustices in her life. In the courtroom, she fights to uncover the truth, battling not only the system but also her inner scars. Will justice prevail, or will darkness overwhelm her?

IMDb rating – 7.6

Where to watch – Disney+Hotstar

Cast –Mohanlal, Siddique, Santhi Mayadevi

Rajni OTT Release Date – 23rd January 2024


In a breathless race against time, siblings Naveen and Gowri find themselves tangled in a web of secrets and lethal threads. The name Rajni hangs heavy in the air, a chilling prophecy, a flickering hope. Thrust into a desperate quest to uncover its meaning, they must confront unseen demons and face a truth that could shatter their world and their lives.

IMDb rating – 6.2

Where to watch – Amazon Prime Video

Cast – Kalidas Jayaram, Saiju Kurup, and Namitha Pramod

Rajni OTT Release Date – 12th January 2024


Victor “Razor” Rossi, a kingpin honed on the gritty streets, ruled his territory with an iron fist and a loyal crew—his wolves in sheep’s clothing. But when trouble, sharper than any switchblade, slithered into their midst, Victor knew the velvet glove wouldn’t suffice. It was time to bare the fangs.

IMDb rating – 7.1

Where to watch – Amazon Prime Video

Cast – Joju George, Chemban Vinod Jose, and Kalyani Priyadarshan

Antony OTT Release Date – 12th January 2024

Kaathal – The Core

Mammootty and Jyotika’s highly anticipated collaboration is the movie “Kaathal: The Core.” While details about the plot and character roles remain under wraps, it has been confirmed that Mammootty and Jyotika will portray a married couple, adding an intriguing dynamic to the narrative. With this supremely talented duo, audiences can eagerly anticipate a cinematic experience that promises to be both captivating and impactful.

IMDb rating – 7.7

Where to watch –Amazon Prime Video

Cast – Mammootty, and Jyothika

Kaathal – The Core OTT Release Date – 5th January 2024


Shiny is already a housewife and a mother, but she’s fed up with the current situation at her father-in-law’s house. When the home nurse who was taking care of his bedridden wife departs, Shiny finds herself having to step in and take over the responsibilities.

Udal IMDb rating – 6.9

Where to watch- Saina Play

Cast- Indrans, Dhyan Sreenivasan, Durga Krishna

Udal OTT Release Date – 5th January 2024

Tholvi F.C.

The story follows a family as they try to find success despite facing a bunch of misadventures. It’s a warm and funny portrayal. The film focuses on Kuruvila, a character aiming to make money through investing in cryptocurrency.

Tholvi F.C. IMDb rating – 7.8

Where to watch – Amazon Prime Video

Cast –Sharafudheen, Johny Antony, George Kora

Tholvi F.C. OTT Release Date – 3rd January 2024