Nokia Wireless Chargers Get WPC Certified, Nokia 9 PureView May Feature Wireless Charging

Two Nokia wireless chargers, one circular and the other rectangular in design, have received certification from the Wireless Power Consortium. We are likely to see them working with the upcoming Nokia 9 PureView and the existing Nokia 8 Sirocco.


Two new Qi-based wireless chargers made by Nokia have recently received certification from the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The new Nokia wireless chargers differ in design and one of them is a fast wireless charger. There is now speculation that the chargers will be bundled with the upcoming Nokia 9 PureView, the flagship handset from Nokia that made headlines for its leaked penta-lens rear camera setup.

Besides the upcoming handset, the 2018 flagship from Nokia called the Nokia 8 Sirocco (Review) supports wireless charging, so the chargers will be compatible with that device as well. Read on for the details of the new accessories.

New Nokia Wireless Chargers For Nokia 9?


While Nokia has not confirmed the development, the fact that the new chargers were sent for WPC certification at a time when the anticipation around the launch of Nokia 9 is on the rise hints at the possibility that, at least one of the chargers is meant for the upcoming handset. One of the two chargers has 10W fast charging support, and is circular in shape, with a Navy blue palette and Nokia badging on it. This model is named DT-10W, and the other is called DT-500.


Nokia DT-500 Clear

The latter is in the shape of a rectangular power bank, and was leaked in a black color casing with the same Nokia badge on it. This DT-500 charger is perhaps, also a portable charger for wired charging, with additional support for wireless but not fast wireless charging. Since the circular model has 10W in its name itself, it is rather clear that it supports fast wireless charging. Going by the trend of circular and pretty-looking wireless chargers for flagship phones lately, it is more likely that the DT-10W blue wireless charger will be unveiled with and for the Nokia 9 PureView.

What We Know About The Nokia 9

Nokia has kept the Nokia 9 PureView well protected from leaks, but it has teased an image of the device earlier this month, flaunting the six elements the phone has on its rear panel for the camera setup. Actually, there are seven small elements, but one of them could be a mock-up camera, which means it is just there for the sake of aesthetics.

The aesthetics, in this case, refer to the round camera setup that we saw on earlier Nokia Lumia handsets that made headlines but not the big bucks for Nokia. The Nokia 9 PureView will bring back the PureView brand of Nokia into fast gear, and the five lenses on the rear panel also borrow Zeiss optics. There is support from Light as well, the brand noted for its multi-aperture cameras. If rumors have any weightage, the Nokia 9 PureView could become not just the world’s first camera phone with a 50MP primary lens, but also the most well-equipped camera phone ever.

Again, while there is no confirmation, we can safely deduce from today’s development that the Nokia 9 PureView will be a flagship handset with fast wireless charging support. Also likely to be seen in the Nokia 9 is the Qualcomm flagship chipset called Snapdragon 845, and a decent 8GB of RAM. Considering that Nokia introduced two wireless headphones during its recent launch event for Nokia 7.1 Plus, it is likely that Nokia will follow the Bluetooth headset route and deprive the Nokia 9 PureView of a 3.5mm headphone jack.

While we are at it, check out this video of another impressive offering from the Nokia house; Nokia 6.1 Plus.