OnePlus 12R vs OnePlus 11R: Which Phone Should You Buy Under Rs 40,000?

Confused between the OnePlus 12R and OnePlus 11R? Read this article to find out which phone suits you the best.


The OnePlus 12R is here, bringing that flagship killer energy, kicking off at Rs 39,999. It has a powerful chipset, a stunning AMOLED panel, the classic OnePlus design, and much more. But here’s the dilemma: the OnePlus 11R from last year is quite potent by 2024 standards. So, which one should you pick under Rs 40,000: the latest OnePlus 12R or the cool kid from last year, the OnePlus 11R? Let’s break it down.

Design and Display

When it comes to design, both these smartphones seem almost identical at first glance. But if you take a closer peek, you’ll spot a few tweaks. The famous alert slider that used to chill on the right side of the OnePlus 11R has now shifted to the left side on the OnePlus 12R. Also, the 12R sports a glossy back, while the predecessor comes with a matte finish. The in-display fingerprint sensor is also moved a bit upwards, for easier access.

Besides that, the design approach is pretty much the same. If you slap on a case, telling the difference between the two is like playing spot the (tiny) difference.

oneplus 11r vs 12r

When it comes to the display, the OnePlus 12R has got a bunch of cool upgrades. It rocks the ProXDR AMOLED display with LTPO 4.0, giving you dynamic refresh rates from 1 to 120Hz. It’s also got a layer of Gorilla Glass Victus 2 for more protection against uncalled drops.

Both phones also support HDR10+, sRGB, and 10-bit colour depth and boast a resolution of 2772 x 1240 pixels. Speaking of size, the displays on both devices are pretty close – the OnePlus 12R flaunts a 6.78-inch screen, just a smidge larger than the 6.7-inch display on the OnePlus 11R.


In terms of performance, the OnePlus 12R seems to have an edge over the OnePlus 11R, boasting the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 compared to its predecessor’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. As expected, the latest OnePlus 12R outperforms its forerunner in benchmarking tests like Geekbench 6 and AnTuTu. However, there are no noticeable differences in everyday usage between the two, and both phones offer nearly identical performance in day-to-day tasks.

oneplus 11r vs 12r

We tested both phones by playing Call of Duty: Mobile with the graphics quality set to max. The experience on both devices was remarkably similar. We did not come across any lags, frame drops, or stutters during our gaming session. It’s not a surprise considering both are powered by flagship chipsets. In essence, you won’t encounter any performance or gaming issues with either of these devices.


oneplus 11r vs 12r

Talking about the cameras, both these smartphones roll with the same camera setup at the back – a 50-megapixel camera with a Sony IMX890 sensor, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera, and a 2-megapixel macro camera. The 16-megapixel selfie camera is also shared between the two.

Since both have the same cameras, the output is also fairly close — with minor refinements. Photos from the OnePlus 12R are slightly brighter and vivid. However, the OnePlus 11R offers a slightly wider perspective with its primary camera, as compared to the 12R. Low-light camera performance on the 12R is considerably better on the 12R, especially in challenging lighting conditions.

Battery and Charging

With a 5,000mAh battery pack, the OnePlus 11R provided dependable battery life during our review. This is further pushed with the OnePlus 12R, which comes with a 5,500mAh battery. The 12R should easily last you for a day, and more depending on your usage. Look out for our upcoming review of the OnePlus 12R to find out more about that.

oneplus 11r vs 12r

The 100W SuperVOOC charger comes bundled with both devices, which is a good thing. Since the 12R comes with a slightly bigger battery, it’s natural that the phone will take a few more minutes to charge fully. However, that’s not the case. The OnePlus 11R needs around 25 minutes to go from 1 to 100 per cent, while the OnePlus 12R takes 26 minutes to do the same deed.


When it comes to the software, both these smartphones are currently running on OxygenOS, based on Android 14. But here’s the scoop: since the OnePlus 12R is the new in town, it’s committed to sticking around longer with a promise of 4 years of OS and security updates. So, you can expect the 12R to receive updates up to Android 18.

Now, the OnePlus 11R kicked off with a pledge of 3 years for OS updates and 4 years for security updates. This means you can expect the phone to receive updates till Android 16.

If that update cycle matters to you, the OnePlus 12R is the one to go for.


So, which phone should you get? The OnePlus 12R is undoubtedly an upgrade from the OnePlus 11R. It brings a better display, improved performance, a more reliable battery life, and longer software support.

However, here’s the twist – the OnePlus 11R, isn’t trailing too far behind in any department and still holds its ground in 2024.


But, if you’re all about software longevity and have a flexible budget that can go up to Rs 40,000, then the OnePlus 12R is the way to go.