OnePlus Open Survives Difficult Bend Test Including Backwards Bending

The durability test video suggests OnePlus Open might just be most durable foldable smartphone out there.

  • The OnePlus Open became the latest foldable to go through the popular JerryRigEverything durability test.
  • The OnePlus Open continued to function normally despite going through multiple bend tests.
  • The OnePlus Open hinge performed as expected despite getting dust and debris treatment.

It has been a couple of months since OnePlus launched its first-gen foldable smartphone OnePlus Open. It is a foldable that received much positive feedback from fans and critics alike for doing many things right. Its unique Open Canvas feature takes the multitasking experience to the next level. Undoubtedly, foldables catch everyone’s attention, but durability is one aspect that makes people reluctant to splash their hard-earned cash. If you have similar doubts about the OnePlus Open, this new durability test video results might change your mind.

OnePlus Open Passes Durability Tests

Zack Nelson of the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything is well-known for putting smartphones through a series of tests to see if they can survive. He has now shared the OnePlus Open durability test video showing how the foldable performed. The short version is that the phone performed impressively, especially when compared to other foldable devices like the Google Pixel Fold.

The durability test video begins in the typical fashion which is by performing the display scratch test. OnePlus Open’s external display performed like the majority of smartphones i.e. scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7. However, the inner display started to show catches at level 2 and deeper grooves when scratched even with fingernails. This is not a surprising result as it is also the case with other foldable smartphones. The inner display is known to behave more like plastic than glass to offer flexibility in folding and unfolding.

The OnePlus Open has aluminium frames that get scratched easily with a knife, another expected behaviour. A hinge is the most crucial component of the foldable as it is what allows the device to be folded and unfolded. OnePlus claims its hinge has a lifecycle of 1 million folds but that number is surely based on controlled lab conditions. Nelson tested the hinge by giving it dust and debris treatment to see if its functionality would be affected in any manner. The good news it kept performing as expected barring a noise it made due to the dust getting between the two halves.

The much-awaited gruelling OnePlus Open bend test makes an appearance toward the end of the video. Nelson tried to bend the foldable from either side in the folded state but was unsuccessful. He took the test to the next level by attempting to bend it backwards i.e. in the opposite direction of the normal folding mechanism. The good news OnePlus Open was able to withstand the applied pressure and continued to work as one would want. The only noticeable difference was the inner display being unable to snap shut like it used to before.

All-in-all, the OnePlus Open performed impressively in the whole durability video including backward bending. It seems like it is surely one of the, if not the, most durable foldable smartphones out there.