OpenAI Is Reportedly Slowing Down ChatGPT: Users Complain

Has AI come so close to humanity that it developed laziness?

  • Users have alleged OpenAI that the company is nerfing ChatGPT.
  • The AI bot is responding with steps to complete the task, instead of finishing the assignment given by the user.
  • Some users say that OpenAI is slowing down ChatGPT due to a lack of GPU power bandwidth.

OpenAI has been one of the most talked about businesses since last week for all the wrong reasons. The company fired its founder and CEO Sam Altman, and later rehired him in the same position after huge pressure from its ace investor Microsoft. While the saga was just settling down, ChatGPT users have now started complaining that OpenAI is deliberately slowing down the service.

Several users of ChatGPT have taken Reddit and Twitter by storm reporting that the latest GPT4 Turbo has become lazy, and does not respond to prompts as it used to before. It is speculated that OpenAI is nerfing ChatGPT to avoid its misuse.

ChatGPT Is Becoming Lazy, Say Users

The primary complaint from users is that ChatGPT is not responding to questions in-depth, as it used to a few months back. A user named Eric Hartford asked ChatGPT to develop a streaming client using Kotlin and OpenAI APIs. However, instead of writing the code, ChatGPT gave him steps on how to solve the problem rather than actually solving the problem.

Eric took this matter to Twitter where he said that this was clearly not the case a few weeks back, where ChatGPT would directly start writing the code whenever asked. Furthermore, when Eric specifically asked ChatGPT to write code, the AI bot apparently returned incomplete sets of code.

Another user named Rohit posted on Twitter that ChatGPT has become lazy. He says that the service refuses to complete lengthy tasks and instead takes a shortcut. When Rohit asked ChatGPT to write a table from some data, the bot only wrote the first three lines and asked him to complete the rest. It also appears to reject reading certain files, which used to work fine earlier as per his post.

Similar complaints have also emerged on Reddit, where several users are reporting that ChatGPT refuses to complete even simple tasks. Reddit user Acceptable-Amount-14 asked ChatGPT to fill a CSV file of 15 entries with 8 columns each. While the task was relatively easy, ChatGPT replied that the given data was too much to process and the result would be lengthy.

chatgpt reddit
Image from r/ChatGPT on Reddit

As more complaints started rising online, OpenAI’s API Product Manager Owen Campbell Moore replied to a user on Twitter that such cases are a bug. The company is working to fix this. However, he further added some sarcasm to his reply mentioning how crazy it is when a bot asks you to develop your own code.

It is possible that Owen was being friendly with the user and trying to relate to his frustration. But on the flip side, there is also a chance that Owen may have hinted that users are pushing ChatGPT too much, and the short response behaviour from the bot is normal.

Hence, it is still not clear whether OpenAI is purposefully nerfing ChatGPT, or are we expecting too much from the AI-powered bot.

Are Humans Getting Lazy Due to ChatGPT?

While a big set of users is complaining about ChatGPT slowing down, some say that we are getting too dependent on the service. It is possible that ChatGPT made us so comfortable that some of us no longer bother to think about solutions on our own.

However, another possibility for a potential slowdown of ChatGPT could be the exponential growth of its users. Remember that ChatGPT is an AI bot and requires huge GPU computing resources to function. Given the increasing number of users, it is possible that the company is running out of bandwidth to provide the best experience to all users, resulting in fewer in-depth responses.

We still don’t know the exact truth behind this. Despite the rising number of complaints from users, OpenAI has not officially acknowledged the situation yet.