OpenAI’s Sora: A Look at The Hyper Realistic Videos This AI Can Generate

Sora is OpenAI's latest video generation tool, which relies on AI.

  • OpenAI’s Sora is the company’s latest video-generating AI model.
  • Sam Altman has showcased a few examples, which are very realistic.
  • Sora is currently available only for some select creators.

OpenAI has just introduced the Sora text-to-video AI model, which can generate complex, realistic videos from text prompts. The tool is currently available to a limited number of creators. But OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has been sharing glimpses of what wonders Sora is capable on (formerly Twitter) and many of the videos are impressive in just how real they appear to be.

What OpenAI’s Sora Can Do

Altman invited ideas from people on X to showcase what Sora can do. There have been numerous responses and here’s a look at what Sora produced from simple text prompts.

Famous YouTuber MKBHD was able to test the tool out and has shared some details too.

Besides leaving people spellbound on X, there are a few sample videos on the OpenAI website and the one with a Samoyed and a Golden Retriever playing has to be the cutest one!

A Quick Recap on Sora

Sora can generate one-minute videos and can even generate videos with multiple characters with different emotions. It can sense what the user wants from the text prompts and give results accordingly.

While the early results are pretty interesting, OpenAI warns that these are not 100 per cent accurate. There will be incidents wherein the AI tool may not completely understand the prompt, which could prevent it from simulating the same.

Also, the security and privacy part is always a concern. OpenAI confirms that it will ensure that Sora is not used to disseminate misinformation or create doctored content. We will be able to better comment on Sora’s capabilities once it is widely available to use.