OPPO F25 Pro 5G Overview: Brings Class-Leading Experience Under 25K


It’s 2024 and smartphones are more than just devices to stay in touch with friends and family. They are your camera, your miniature office computer, your multimedia device, your journal, and a lot more. This is the reason why a phone like the OPPO F25 Pro 5G — with its segment-leading features — is an absolute must for someone like me. From binge-watching the latest House of Ninjas episodes to capturing short videos for one of my multiple Instagram creator profiles, the OPPO F25 Pro 5G was able to handle everything with Elan. The smartphone starts at Rs 23,999 in India and can be purchased from March 5 via the OPPO e-store, on Amazon, Flipkart, and mainline retail outlets.

If you are someone who relies on your phone to provide your daily entertainment dose and push the limit of creativity while offering a seamless performance then the OPPO F25 Pro 5G fits the bill to the T. The smartphone continues the OPPO F series ethos of offering innovative, class-leading trends. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the remarkable features of the F25 Pro 5G that make it the ideal smartphone for those seeking both form and function.

Segment-Defining Camera Features

It’s an era of short video format and most of us like to shoot aesthetic videos for our Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts feed. With the segment’s first 4K high-resolution video recording offered by the OPPO F25 Pro 5G’s front and rear cameras, you will never have to worry about the quality of the video.

The cameras on the smartphone offer 8MP resolution per frame with 4K recording instead of 2MP per frame available in the standard full HD recording. I’d confidently share them online instantly without any touch-ups.

Speaking of imaging, the OPPO F25 Pro 5G comes with a 64MP Ultra-Clear triple-camera array on the back with a 64MP OV64B primary sensor flaunting a large 1/2” sensor size and a fast f/1.7 aperture lens. The main lens is accompanied by an 8MP ultra-wide Sony IMX355 lens with 112-degree FoV and 16mm focal length and a 2MP OV02B10 macro lens.

Thanks to the fast f/1.7 aperture and big sensor size, the main camera churned out professional-grade pictures in any condition be it day or night. I was impressed by the level of detail, dynamic range, and colour reproduction in the pictures, which made them instantly share-worthy. Moreover, the segment’s first AI Smart Image Matting allows you to turn these stunning pictures into personalised images that you can share with your contacts on messaging apps.

As someone who clicks a ton of natural landscapes and group selfies, I was mighty impressed by the quality of pictures shot using the ultra-wide angle lens of the F25 Pro 5G. The wide-angle lens matches the colour accuracy of the main sensor with minimal distortion and ghosting, which is impressive. With the 2MP macro lens, I could go as close to the subject as 4cm to capture crisp and sharp focused close-up shots of flora and fauna.

OPPO has worked with professional portrait photographers around the globe to develop the impressive Portrait Expert Engine. So, when you are clicking pictures of people you can expect clean subject separation from the background, accurate facial recognition with skin tone protection, and optimal HDR application for clarity and natural dynamic range in portrait shots. There’s also an AI Portrait feature that improves facial clarity by reducing noise and removing blemishes.

For selfies, the front camera on the F25 Pro 5G features a powerful 32MP Sony IMX615 sensor with f/2.4 aperture size and 21mm focal length on the front. The front camera comes with a dedicated portrait mode for an aesthetically pleasing blurred background effect in selfies. As someone who does not click too many selfies, I have clicked more selfies than ever using the OPPO F25 Pro 5G. Yes – it’s that good.

Luxurious Design That Oozes Sophistication

Not only does the OPPO F25 Pro 5G make you and your dear ones look good, but it looks good itself while doing so. As a perpetually vain individual, I prefer my belongings to be an expansion of my personality, and the stunning Lava Red colour does so brilliantly.

OPPO’s F25 Pro 5G comes in two nature-inspired colours called Ocean Blue and Lava Red. The Lava Red is a burgundy hue mimicking the sunset sheen when the light hits it, using the OPPO Glow design technology. I loved the elegance and luxurious oomph of the Lava Red variant but if you prefer a design that makes a bold statement, the Ocean Blue variant will get you compliments every time you pull it out of your pocket.

In contrast, the Ocean Blue colourway has an azure and white finish with a pattern that mimics the light reflection on the ocean bed on a sunny day. This design has been achieved using OPPO’s proprietary Magnetic Particle design technology.

Not only is the OPPO F25 Pro 5G a 10 when it comes to beauty but also a 10 when it comes to durability. The smartphone is the slimmest 5G smartphone with an IP65 rating. It means that come rain or sunshine, the OPPO F25 Pro 5G will withstand the elements without breaking a sweat. Moreover, it’s extremely ergonomic thanks to its 7.54mm ultra-slim chassis and 177g footprint. That’s not it, the matte finish on flat sides and rounded corners make the F25 Pro 5G comfortable to hold for a longer duration.

The F25 Pro 5G has also been built to last as it has passed stringent durability tests conducted by the brand. It can withstand 1,00,000 volume key presses, 2,00,000 power button presses, and 20,000 instances of plug-in and plug-out of the USB-C cable. Needless to say, the phone is made for rough and tough use.

Furthermore, the OPPO F25 Pro 5G has been crafted using a glass-filled polycarbonate (PC + GF) material, which reinforces the overall strength of the back panel and adds to its durability. A smartphone that looks that good, feels that good, and lasts that long; take my money now.

Flagship-Grade Performance and Software Experience

Under the gorgeous frame of the OPPO F25 Pro 5G lies the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 7050 processor, which impressed me with its power and multitasking capabilities. The 6nm octa-core processor features two powerful performance cores and six efficiency cores to provide an excellent balance between performance and battery efficiency. Whether I was playing my favourite game, binge-watching the latest Love Is Blind episodes, or Doom-scrolling Instagram reels, the OPPO F25 Pro 5G didn’t break a sweat with ample charge left in the battery at sundown.

Furthermore, thanks to the large 8GB LPDDR4X RAM with 8GB Dynamic RAM onboard, I was able to switch between my game and OTT apps without a shade of lag or jitters. This speaks volumes about this mid-range device and I was pleasantly surprised by how the OPPO F25 Pro 5G performed.

Additionally, you can choose between 128GB or 256GB UFS 3.1 variant for all your storage requirements. The device also features LinkBoost — OPPO’s proprietary network optimisation engine — that’s rated to provide up to 100% faster transmission rates and 58.5% stronger cellular reception. Needless to say, I never faced call drops or interrupted transfer issues.

The Trinity Engine included in the Android 14-based ColorOS 14 can save up to 23GB extra space from 256GB and 11GB from 128GB storage, so no matter what variant you choose you will always have ample storage at your disposal. The ColorOS 14 also offers innovative features like the segment’s first Smart Image Matting for creating images into transparent PNG, File Dock to create quick shortcuts to images, texts, or files for drag-and-drop access across apps, and Smart Touch to select and copy subjects and texts from images to drag them into File Dock for quick access.

Long story short, the OPPO F25 Pro 5G offers an unmatched performance and user experience in its price segment. From intuitive ColorOS 14 features to making life easier for a raw performance with seamless multitasking, the OPPO F25 Pro 5G is the right blend of brain and brawn that will make it harder for you to put it down.

A Stunning Display that Holds Your Attention

The display of a smartphone is its window to the world and the single most interactive element of the whole package. As a multimedia and social media buff, I love a good display on my smartphone, and the F25 Pro 5G exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed my time with the 6.7-inch flat and expansive display, which offers an immersive experience.

To curve or not to curve is a never-ending debate in the smartphone industry but I prefer flat displays as it prevents light reflections on the curved edge and mistouches. Moreover, thanks to the negligible bezels on all sides, the handset offers an impressive 93.4% screen-to-body ratio. You will appreciate the immersive experience while playing games or watching videos on the OPPO F25 Pro 5G. I surely did!

Elevating the whole viewing experience is the AMOLED panel offering inkier blacks and vibrant colours with support for 10-bit, 1 billion colours, 100% DCI P3 colour gamut, and HDR10+ support. It means I could enjoy HDR content on Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube in high resolution with crushed blacks and grain rendering.

The OPPO F25 Pro 5G’s display also offers up to 1,100 nits of peak brightness for HDR content and 900 nits of peak brightness outdoors. Therefore, no matter whether I was watching a movie on the phone in the darkness in my bedroom or scrolling social media outdoors, the visibility was always top-notch. Additionally, the display offers 2,160Hz PWM dimming to drastically reduce screen flickering and prevent the resulting eye strain or headache.

Lastly, OPPO has ensured that the display of the OPPO F2 Pro 5G can survive waist-level or even height-level drops with ease. The display has been protected by a layer of twice-reinforced Panda Glass, which makes it shatter and scratch-resistant. Stunning visuals with guaranteed peace of mind, I could not have asked for more from a smartphone display.

A Battery with an Impressive Endurance

All these powerful features and specifications pave the way to the question of how the battery backup of the OPPO F25 Pro 5G is. I am pleased to report that the OPPO F25 Pro 5G lasted a whole day and some despite my medium to heavy usage on most days.

The latest smartphone features a massive 5,000mAh battery that comes with advanced battery technology from OPPO. The handset has been rated to deliver an impressive battery backup even after four years of daily use.

Furthermore, the best-in-class 67W SUPERVOOCTM charging technology ensures that the battery charges to 30% in just 10 minutes and fully in just 48 minutes. Say goodbye to nomophobia with the OPPO F25 Pro 5G to enjoy long battery life with the ability to charge it up in a jiffy when you need to.


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From sleek design to gorgeous display, and excellent cameras to top-shelf performance, the OPPO F25 Pro 5G is the best pick for those looking for a powerful mid-ranger. The smartphone offers several firsts in the segment at an aggressive price point, undercutting the competition.

It’s clear that the OPPO F25 Pro 5G is the best smartphone offering under Rs 25,000 in India and is a must-buy for anyone looking for a mid-range device. So, what are you waiting for, head to Amazon and Flipkart, to pick it up right away.

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