Pixel 8 January 2024 Feature Drop is Here; New Mint Colour Pixel 8 Comes to India

Google has also launched a new Pixel 8 series colour option i.e. Mint.

  • Circle to Search is an AI-powered feature that first debuted on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.
  • The Thermometer app on the Pixel 8 series can finally be used for checking body temperature.
  • Magic Compose and Photomoji features on the Pixel 8 series have exited beta testing.

Google has surprised Pixel users with the January 2024 Feature Drop. The update brings new features like Circle to Search, the ability to check body temperature, Magic Compose, and more. The announcement is accompanied by the launch of a colour variant for the Pixel 8 series as well.

Pixel 8 January 2024 Feature Drop: What’s New?

The first major feature coming to Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro is Circle to Search. It is an AI-powered feature that debuted on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. It lets you search for anything that you see on the display with a circle, scribble, highlight, or tap.

Circle to Search can be triggered by long-pressing either the home button or the navigation bar. You can then perform any of the aforementioned actions to select the object you wish to search. Google will show relevant search results without making you exit the app you have open. The feature will be made live on the Pixel 8 series starting January 31.

The January 2024 Feature Drop has finally made it possible to use the Pixel 8 Thermometer app for checking body temperature. Google has received the mandatory FDA approval to make the functionality work. You will need to place the Camera Bar close to the center of your forehead and tap the screen to begin.

Once you feel a vibration, it is time to move the smartphone across your forehead to your temple. A second vibration will confirm the successful reading which will be saved in the Fitbit application.

Messages application on the Pixel 8 series now supports Magic Compose and Photomoji stable versions. The first feature will let you draft messages and rewrite them in various tones: Remix, Excited, Chill, Shakespeare, Lyrical, Formal, or Short.

The second feature Photomoji is all about creating custom stickers and reactions using your photos. It is available on older Pixel devices as well. Google has confirmed Nearby Share feature will now be seen as Quick Share on all supported Pixel devices. This is essentially a confirmation of the rebranding with a new name and icon.

Google’s Audio Switch feature is now available on the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2. It means if you have the Pixel Buds Pro earbuds, you can seamlessly switch across devices like Pixel Watch, Pixel Watch 2, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel smartphones (Pixel 5a and later).

Pixel 8 Mint Launched: Price in India

Google has also announced that the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro can now be purchased in a new Mint colour. This is the fourth colour variant for both smartphones. Apart from the new colour, there is no other difference that you will see while buying the Minit variant.

The Pixel 8 Mint colour variant is listed for purchase on Flipkart. It is available in a single 128GB storage option for Rs 75,999. It is unknown if we will get to see the Pixel 8 Pro Mint colour release in India.