PS5, Xbox Series X, Series S Restock Date India: How To Use Telegram Bots To Get Notified Of Future Restocks

Sony's PlayStation 5 has been available in notoriously low numbers in India since launch, which has led to much disappointment amongst users.

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If you haven’t been able to buy Sony’s PlayStation 5 console in India so far, Bengaluru-based IT professional Shantanu Goel may have a solution for you. As reported by IGN India, Goel has designed a Telegram bot that will notify users whenever the console becomes available on Amazon in India. He also created a bot for tracking the Xbox Series X console, and has one to track availability on Flipkart as well. While Microsoft has been able to provide steady supplies of the Xbox Series X and Series S in India, supplies of the PlayStation 5 have been notoriously low. This has prompted many users to look for other ways to get their hands on the gaming console.

How to track PlayStation 5 console availability in India

To track PS5 availability in India you simply need to ensure that the bots are added to your Telegram. You can simply search for “PS5 India restocks” on Telegram and you will get a flurry of options, along with Goel’s own bot too. It takes advantage of the messaging platform’s ability to send notifications to users, instead of trying to tap into the phone’s own notification mechanism. Goel told IGN that he made the bot because he wanted to use the 5% discount the e-commerce platform is providing for using the Amazon credit card.

You could also use one of the Telegram channels where users post about the PS5 availability on various e-commerce stores. However, bots are automated and will always be faster than people. Using a bot may be the best way.

It’s also worth noting that the bot has been late on occasion. “Hey shantanu goel, your flipkart bot is 1.5 hrs slow , ps5 was in stock today feom 16:55 to 17:05 , but telegram bot notification came at 17:21 , i was not able to secure one , but many secured at 17:00 , i thought to inform you about the issue,” tweeted one user. Goel answered this saying that the bot missed a few notifications because of changes made by Flipkart, leading to false positives. 

This suggests that the bots require a bit of maintenance from their creators, meaning they may fail if the original creators lose interest. So, it may be a good idea to have multiple bots added to your Telegram account.

Update: As pointed out by IGN, Shantanu’s bot has been down for months. But there are plenty others available on telegram. Just search with the keywords PS5 India Restock Bots.



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