PUBG New State Mobile Roster Announced by R Esports: Here Are Details

R esports enter New state Mobile esports with the signing of new roster.


On Saturday, prominent esports organisation R Esports announced its PUBG New State Mobile Roster. The organisation becomes one of the earliest entities in India to enter New State esports ecosystem. Indian BGMI esports organisations have been shifting to New State Mobile after the game was allegedly banned following its removal from the virtual storefronts.

R Esports is one of the renowned esports organisations in Indian esports ecosystem. Their BGMI roster have been the finalists of numerous official tournaments of Krafton. On 28 July, BGMI which is the popular esports game in Indian esports, was removed from Google Play Store and App Store. Several media reports claimed that the game is banned due to security concerns.

Krafton has told that they are working with the concerned authorities and are fully complying with the Indian laws while prioritising user security, in one of the recent meetings held. However, there has not been any official confirmation on the game’s ban. As a result, Indian gamers and professional players who were involved in the BGMI ecosystem have started to shift to other titles.

R esports has entered Indian Esports ecosystem after BGMI was introduced in India. Recently, the organisation decided to disband its BGMI roster before the game got taken down from the app stores. The company now signed a completely new roster of New State Mobile.

Following players will play under the radar of R Esports under its PUBG: New State fraternity:

  1. Wizz
  2. Hector
  3. KingOG
  4. Rohan

The official announcement came yesterday stating, “Presenting to you, the New State Mobile Roster for R-Esports!
We’re thrilled to welcome ReWizz, ReHector, ReKingOG and ReRohan to our Esports Division. Our only aim is the Triumph! We’re here to Fight, We’re here to Grind, We’re here to Dominate. #GoREsports.”

Team Esportswala was the first Indian organisation to sign a roster of New State Mobile while R Esports has joined the run with this move. 8Bit Thug, co-owner of S8UL, has already acknowledged the potential of PUBG New State in India and has asserted that players must not wait and should begin grinding in this new game right away.