Riot Announces Valorant Convergence, Riot’s Inaugural International Event Set to Take Place in India

Valorant Convergene is the new VCT/OFF Season which will take place in India.

  • Convergence is the Riot’s inaugural International event set to be held in India in partnership with TEC.
  • The tournament will feature six invited VCT franchised teams including the home favorites – Global Esports.
  • The tournament will take place between December 14-17 at the Manpho Convention Center, Bengaluru.

American-based video game publisher, Riot Games has announced its plans to host its first-ever International Valorant esports tournament in India, named ‘Convergence.’ The tournament is announced in partnership with The Esports Club, a leading tournament organizer in South Asia.

The Indian esports scene is brimming with excitement with multiple tournaments taking place boasting huge prize pools across various titles. It is further expanding with the presence of International parties involved in the scene which tells much about their consideration of the Indian market.

Convergence marks the Riot’s first international VALORANT esports event in India, showcasing its commitment to the growing gaming culture in the country.

Valorant Convergence 2023: Teams, Place, Where to Watch

Convergence will set a huge milestone for the Indian gaming and esports community. The four-day tournament will include some of the franchised Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) teams from America, Asia, and America.

In Convergence 2023, six teams will participate in the LAN competition, comprising five international invitees and Global Esports, the exclusive Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) partnered team representing the South Asian region.

The following teams will take part in the prestigious tournament:

  • Global Esports – India
  • Gen.G Esports – South Korea
  • FUT Esports – Turkey
  • Team Vitality – France
  • Furia Esports – Brazil
  • TBD

These are some of the top Valorant teams in the world, and they are also on the Valorant Champions Tour in Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), and the Americas.

Schedule and Venue

This prestigious International event is a part of the VCT/OFF Season and will take place from December 14 to December 17. The event is scheduled to take place at the Manpho Convention Center, Bengaluru, Karnataka with the presence of a live audience on LAN. The tournament will also be broadcast on Esports Club’s YouTube Channel.

This tournament serves as Riot Games’ demonstration of dedication to the flourishing gaming culture in the nation. To emphasize this commitment, the event is scheduled to take place in Bengaluru, commonly known as the Silicon Valley of India.

It will be the first time teams like Global Esports, Team Vitality, and Gen.G Esports have been on the international stage with their revised lineups, which will undoubtedly lead to some unexpected action, making this event intriguing even to foreign audiences.

This is not the first time Riot is conducting a tournament in India. In 2022, the company collaborated with Skyesports to host the Skyesports Champions Series in South Asia which rooted the way to VCT APAC Challenger Stage 2.

Riot Games has been actively involved in boosting community interaction and improving the user experience with a variety of projects throughout the past year. Riot Games recently marked the one-year anniversary of VALORANT’s first Indian agent Harbor with a beach clean-up with the Indian gaming community, as well as the third anniversary of VALORANT in India with BHARAT VALORANT events.

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