Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with 15W Charger Gets 3C Certified


Samsung’s first clamshell foldable which increasingly looks likely to be revealed on February 11th alongside the flagship Galaxy S20 series has just been spotted on the CCC certification database today. The handset’s model number which is SM-F700 looks to have a 15W charging capacity, as per the latest entry on the China-based database. Recent leaks have also almost made it certain that the foldable will be called Galaxy Z Flip instead of Galaxy ‘Bloom’ which is actually its internal codename.

Coming to the CCC listing, the SM-F700 is listed with a EP-TA200 charger and a 9.0VDC – 1.67A / 5.0VDC – 2.0A rating. But that’s about all we can say from the listing from now. The handset has largely stayed camouflaged even on certification websites. However, a report shows that the support page for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (SM-F700) is now active on Samsung’s Africa website. It’s a bit weird that Samsung is shipping a cutting-edge device with such a slow charging capactiy. But considering that even other internals such as the processor of the Galaxy Z Flip are not expected to be the latest and greatest, this is understandable.

Speaking of which, we previously reported that the Galaxy Flip Z will likely feature a Snapdragon 855 SoC which is by no means a slouch CPU but not the latest. It is also expected to get a 10MP front camera. As far as design is concerned, we’re likely to something in the likeness of the Motorola Razr, recent renders and leaks have hinted. However, there will be differences obviously. From what we know, the outer display is much smaller than the one on the Razr. The inner display is of the Infinty-O variety and there should be dual-cameras on the rear.

Reports have suggested that this foldable from Samsung could be the first to be close to the $1000 mark which will clearly make it a very interesting product for the masses.