Upcoming Samsung Phone (SM-A013) Battery with 3000mAh Capacity Spotted on Korean Certification Website

The model number of the battery suggests that it belongs to an upcoming smartphone from Samsung which could be named Galaxy A13.


Today, we have come across a certification of a smartphone battery from Samsung, bearing the model number EB-BA013ABY, on the Safety Korea certification platform.

The model numbers of batteries of Samsung smartphones are usually similar to the model number of the smartphone they belong to. Take the Galaxy A41 for example; its model number is SM-A415 and its battery’s model number is EB-BA415ABY.

Considering this model number convention from Samsung, we think that the EB-BA013ABY battery belongs to the Samsung SM-A013 smartphone.

What we do know from the certification of this battery is that it has a capacity of 3000mAh. Usually, battery capacities as such are found only entry-level smartphones from Samsung, which suggests that the SM-A013 could be a budget smartphone.

Hopefully, we will know more about this upcoming smartphone from Samsung as it visits more certification platforms.