Sony Inzone H5 Review: A Convenient Gaming Headset for PlayStation 5 and PC


The Sony Inzone H5 gets the convenience factor of a wireless gaming headset right. While its main focus is gaming on the PlayStation 5, it’s also a perfect fit for PC gamers — eliminating the need for two headsets. The Inzone H5 joins the superior H7 and H9 in the gaming headset lineup, giving you options ranging from sub-Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000. Sony seems bullish about building a wider gaming ecosystem in India, and the recently launched Inzone Buds are also concrete evidence.

Sony Inzone H5

Rs 15,990















What Is Good?

  • Good and subtle design
  • Excellent comfort
  • Solid sound quality, spatial audio
  • Reliable battery life and fast charging
  • Inzone Hub for PC

What Is Bad?

  • No Bluetooth connectivity

At Rs 15,990, the Inzone H5 offers great sound quality, a decent microphone comfortable fit, and a modern design. It’s an easy recommendation at its current pricing, but there are more things to be considered before you add it to your cart. Read our review to find out if you should buy the Inzone H5.

What’s inside the Sony Inzone H5 retail box?

  • Sony Inzone H5 gaming headset
  • USB Type-C cable
  • 2.4GHz USB transceiver
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • User Guide

Sony Inzone H5 Review: Design and build quality

The Inzone H5 is available in two colours: Black and White. The former has a sense of simplicity and subtlety, while the latter gives a more sophisticated vibe.

The white colourway also looks like the PS5 had a baby headset.

The entirety of the outer shell is made of good-quality plastic, with a matte finish. This finish helps with the grip and keeps dirt and smudges at bay. While it may not be the lightest headset on the market, with that record still belonging to the Logitech G435 Lightspeed at 165g, the Inzone H5 offers a comfortable feel for extended periods of wear.

Design Specifications
Colours Black and White
Build quality Plastic
Finish Matte
Weight 260 grams
Dimensions ‎7.9 x 7.8 x 3.1cm

The headband is also quite flexible, with a soft clamping force, helping it fit all sizes of heads. The generous cushioning underneath the headband and on the cups further adds to the fatigue-free experience. Despite the nylon finish on the plush cushions, there’s no hint of sweating even after long hours of gaming.

The flip-to-mute boom microphone makes things around voice chat extremely convenient. It sits quite close to the mouth, so you can easily yell into it when your teammate rushes into a full squad for the umpteenth time.

Left side Volume dial, USB Type-C port, 3.5mm audio jack
Right side Power button, Game/Chat button

The volume dial is easy to access, and the feedback feels satisfying. The power button is accompanied by a tiny LED light which lets you know the pairing status, while another light besides the charging port informs you about the battery percentage — very subtle inclusions. The same voice cues from the Sony WH-1000XM5s (Review) can be found here when reaching a lower battery level. Pressing the power button once will let you know the exact battery percentage.

The included USB-A 2.4GHz transceiver has a toggle switch for PS5 and PC connectivity on the side. This switch doesn’t necessarily have to be on the PC label when connecting to it, as the headset can still read it properly and connect. You might have to toggle it when accessing the Inzone Hub. The same applies for the PS5.

Sony Inzone H5 Review: Audio performance and features

The H5 works flawlessly on both the PlayStation 5 and the PC. All the customisation settings come under the Inzone Hub, which can only be accessed on the PC. None of the tweaks made in this software will be carried to the PS5.

The Inzone Hub allows you to tweak the EQ settings, apply presets, control the dynamic range, and more. This is where you also get to enable the Spatial Sound, which is one of the unique selling points of the Inzone H5. Spatial Sound isn’t available on the PS5, as the proprietary Tempest 3D Audio takes care of that.

Sony has pretty much nailed the sound signature of the H5, which aids when playing games that depend massively on sound cues. The 40mm drivers inside the H5 produce detailed and crisp sound.

The terrifying and eerie sounds of the clickers from Last of Us II Remastered were produced extremely well.

The H5 focuses more on the mids, which means dialogues are produced neatly, cancelling out any issues of muffled audio. Coming to the PC side of things, I enabled Spatial Sound while keeping the preset on ‘’flat’’, which gave a balanced sound output. This preset worked wonders when playing first-person shooters such as Counter-Strike 2. I was able to pick up the sound cues of an entire squad charging into the ‘B’ site from Apartments (Mirage) and run for my life, while also informing my teammates.

Speaking of which, the microphone quality is decent as well. It uses AI-based noise reduction, which cancels out excess noise from your surroundings. In practice, this worked out well when sitting with a chatty friend beside me, but the output can be a bit compressed. However, our friends on the other side did not complain.

The Inzone H5 completely relies on the USB transceiver for wireless connections. There are no latency or connectivity issues here, which is good. However, without Bluetooth connectivity, it lacks giving you the flexibility offered by other headsets such as the Logitech G435. Besides, you can only pair the H5 with devices that have a USB-A port — which means connecting it to handheld consoles such as the ROG Ally (Review) is out of the question. Unless you go the wired way.

Sony Inzone H5 Review: Battery and charging

One of the concerns of a wireless gaming headset is its battery life. The H5 does not fall into that category. Sony claims up to 28 hours of battery life.

With a single charge, it lasted me over two weeks, which included multiple chatty sessions over Discord, and sometimes lone-warrior sessions on the PS5.

With heavy usage, you can expect the headset to easily last an entire week. A quick 10-minute top-up can last you for a long time, while a full charge will require about an hour.

Sony Inzone H5 Review: Verdict

The Sony Inzone H5 is an excellent and convenient choice for people who game on the PS5 and PC. It follows a very subtle gaming design, while also keeping the main focus on comfort. While console players might miss out on the customisation settings, the default settings should work quite well.

The sound quality is great, and the microphone works well for chatty game sessions. However, the exclusion of Bluetooth connectivity might keep some cross-platform gamers at bay. If this is an issue, the Logitech G435 can be another option to be considered, while saving some money.

Regardless, the Inzone H5 is a well-rounded choice, earning a solid recommendation.